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10+ Best WordPress Questionnaire Plugins of 2024 [Compared]

Need a WordPress Questionnaire Plugin for your website? By the end of this article, you will be able to choose a WordPress Questionnaire Plugin that helps you build detailed questionnaires for multiple purposes.

Questionnaire Plugins are a great way of gathering valuable information about a particular topic from the responders. You can ask a mix of close-ended and open-ended questions and offer the responder to elaborate on their thoughts.

When you search the WordPress Plugin directory, you are bombarded with several questionnaire builder plugins, but how do you choose the best?

In this article, we have discussed 10+ Best WordPress Questionnaire Plugins that are multipurpose meaning can be used to create quizzes, surveys, polls, user forms, assessment tests, exams, etc., and have explained their features, and their uses.

Questionnaire vs. Survey: What’s the Difference?

To start with, a survey is a means of gathering information or data from a group of individuals, typically through the use of standardized questions, in order to acquire insights, assess attitudes, or collect statistical data on a given topic or community.

A questionnaire is a collection of written or electronic questions designed to elicit information, ideas, or preferences from individuals. It is frequently used as a tool within a larger research process to collect data and get specific insights.

The Key Differences between a questionnaire and a survey can be traced as follows:

Scope of UseA questionnaire is a series of questions meant to elicit certain information or opinions from individuals. It is typically utilized in a bigger study or data collection process. It only collects responses through written or electronic queries.Questionnaires often feature a specified set of questions and a planned format. They are frequently standardized, which means that all respondents are asked the same set of questions. A questionnaire may have multiple-choice, rating scale, open-ended, or a combination of question kinds.
StructureSurveys cover the full data gathering, analysis, and interpretation process. Data analysis is frequently an ongoing process in a survey, and findings are evaluated collectively to conclude.Questionnaires often feature a specified set of questions and a planned format. They are frequently standardized, which means that all respondents are asked the same set of questions. A questionnaire may have multiple-choice, rating scale, open-ended, or a combination of question kinds.
AnalysisQuestionnaires are designed to collect data, while data analysis and interpretation are usually done separately. Depending on the study objectives, questionnaire results can be subjected to various statistical analyses, qualitative coding, or thematic analysis.Surveys cover the full data gathering, analysis, and interpretation process. Data analysis is frequently an ongoing process in a survey, and findings are evaluated collectively to draw conclusions.
Table of Difference: Survey vs Questionnaire

Remember that all surveys are questionnaires but not all questionnaires are surveys!

What to Look for in a WordPress Questionnaire Plugin?

Here is a list of features to look for in a WordPress Questionnaire Plugin:

1. Promotional Methods

Whenever you build a questionnaire, sharability matters a lot. If your plugin does not offer you basic sharing options then the questionnaire will go in vain. Therefore, choosing a Questionnaire plugin with promotional methods for social media and sharability is very essential.

2. User-Friendly Interface 

Select a Questionnaire plugin with a simple and easy-to-use interface. This will make creating, managing, and analyzing questionnaires easier without requiring substantial technical knowledge.

infographic chart social media template
Best WordPress Questionnaire Plugin Features Checklist

3. Conditions of Logic

Check to see if the plugin includes sophisticated capabilities such as conditional logic and skip patterns. This allows you to show or hide items depending on past responses, making the questionnaire experience more personalized and relevant.

Read more: How to Create a Conditional Logic Quiz?

4. Management of Responses

The plugin should provide a simple interface for seeing and managing answers. Features such as answer export to CSV or Excel formats, filtering and sorting capabilities, and the ability to generate reports or analyze data are all desirable.

5. Type of Questions

Ascertain that the Questionnaire plugin you are about to choose supports a wide range of question types, including multiple-choice, open-ended, rating scales, and Likert scales. This gives you more freedom in developing your questionnaire.

Learn More about Types of Quizzes by QSM

Best WordPress Questionnaire Plugins

 1. Quiz and Survey Master

Best WordPress Questionnaire Plugin Quiz and Survey Master new
Best WordPress Questionnaire Plugin- QSM

Quiz and Survey Master Plugin is a powerful WordPress Questionnaire Plugin. It is extremely easy to use, multipurpose, fast, feature-rich, and highly customizable.

The Process is simple to Create a Quiz/Survey, Share it on your Page/Post, Analyze Results stored on your website with metrics like Quiz Name, Score, Time Taken, Name, Email, IP Address, and monitor submissions.

This quiz and survey Plugin allows you to create unlimited Logic-based questions enabling you to ask questions that are relevant to the users based on their previous answers.

Example: If your survey is about the User Experience of your Product/Service, you may have questions about how smooth the purchase process was, any anomalies in the service, or questions about customer support. But what if the user hasn’t experienced your support process yet?

Then the support questions become unnecessary and can be avoided by using conditional logic in Quiz and Survey Master.

The QSM Plugin also has many useful features like a Progress Bar that keeps the user aware of his progress. Schedule the Quiz and make it live at your preferred time and date. Collect user emails run marketing campaigns, and do a lot more.

If you are running an online exam, you can provide a Free Certificate to the users who score higher depending on the set grading, Display different results pages to users according to their scores, and display custom messages using template variables.

The WordPress plugin offers easy integrations with Services like MailChimp, Slack, Drip, Zapier, Google Sheets, etc. As seen above Quiz and Survey Master Plugin leaves no stone unturned and lets you build amazing questionnaires that your users will love to answer.

Key Features
  • Progress Bar with Page Number (If multiple pages)
  • Allows User Comments and Hints for Each question
  • Mark Questions as required
  • In-built Timer Function
  • Shuffle Questions using Randon Questions Feature
  • Custom Emails to Admins and Users
  • Custom Results Page depending on the Earned Scores
  • User Friendly and Intuitive
  • Highly Customizable and feature-rich
  • 35+ Pro Addons to make the most out of your Quiz

2. Quiz, Poll, Survey & Form

Best WordPress Questionnaire Plugin - Opinion Stage
Best WordPress Questionnaire Plugin- opinion stage

Opinion Stage is another great WordPress Questionnaire Plugin. It can also be used to create polls, surveys, quizzes, and contact forms. The plugin offers options to create a quiz from scratch or use a pre-built template.

The Plugin is best for creating interactive quizzes and lets you analyze the results. The Plugin has an easy quiz creation process and allows you to add images and videos to your quiz.

You get full control over things like color theme, fonts, and size with the quiz plugin, making it easy to beautify and share with your viewers. The Plugin is highly responsive and creates quizzes that are optimized for multiple screen sizes.

Creating Quizzes that are an instant hit on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. The plugin lets you gather leads from social media using a lead form and helps you identify the quality leads that you need.

Create Surveys to get user feedback and improvise on your products/services. The plugin is best for engagement and bringing traffic to your website.

The Insights and Data it gathers can offer you an edge over your competitors, this way you understand your audience better and offer services that are needed to make your business shine.

Key Features
  • Display results in real-life
  • Get Quiz Analytics on the Dashboard
  • Add CTA on every quiz
  • Responsive Quiz and Survey Design
  • Integrations with various services
  • Easy Quiz Creation with Templates
  • Boost User Engagement and Traffic
  • Get Actionable Insights

3. Quiz Maker

Best WordPress Questionnaire Plugin - Quiz Maker
Best WordPress Questionnaire Plugin- Quiz Maker

Quiz Maker Plugin is a light WordPress Questionnaire Plugin that can help you create a quick one within minutes. The Plugin is not as advanced as the other two plugins discussed above but gets the work done without much fuss.

This quiz plugin allows you to create unlimited quizzes but has limited question types 7 to be precise. The plugin can overwhelm you at first but as you get used to it the quiz creation process looks pretty straightforward.

Things like Randomizing Questions and Answers, Adding a Timer, Sending Certificates, Text for right/wrong answers, Quiz Styles, etc. can be controlled in the free version. However, to make full use of the plugin features you need to be on the Pro Version.

This quiz Plugin also offers 6 themes and customizes them using 40+ style options. Just like QSM the Quiz Maker Plugin also makes use of shortcodes to add data and present statistics to the users.

Social Sharing options on Facebook, Twitter, etc. are included. All in all, it is a great WordPress tool to create simple quizzes that are perfect.

Key Features
  • 7 Question Types
  • Create Quick Simple Quizzes
  • Quiz with Themes and Live Preview
  • Create Random Questions and Answers Quiz
  • Limit Quiz to logged-in users
  • Quiz with Timer Function
  • Simple, Convenient, and Easy-to-use
  • Various Icons Available
  • Simple Data Management

4. Perfect Survey

Best WordPress Questionnaire Plugin - Perfect Survey
Best WordPress Questionnaire Plugin- perfect survey

Perfect Survey is another great plugin for creating WordPress surveys and polls. The plugin is designed for creating exercises and questionnaires for educational purposes as well as business needs.

The plugin boasts features like logical conditions, multiple submissions, mobile-ready survey design, etc. You can also create surveys focused on your business with a few simple steps.

The plugin also has built-in advanced statistics that can help you know your audience better and direct you to deliver the best results. The questionnaire plugin offers 15 different types of answers and also allows you to customize the WordPress survey as required.

Custom Question Fields like Single Choice, Multiple Choice, Rating, Text Answer, Matrix, and more can be used to create a beautiful survey that your users will love to answer.

The survey plugin allows you to create unlimited surveys. Using this rating plugin, you can make both overviews and surveys on your site. It allows you to create a question/answer set as well as share your new survey.

Key Features
  • Lets you create a group of questions
  • Drag and Drop various elements
  • Export to CSV
  • No-cap on Survey Creation
  • Add Logical Conditions
  • Easy and Simple to operate
  • Easy to Understand Statistics
  • Easy User Data Collection

5. HD Quiz

Best WordPress Questionnaire Plugin - HD Quiz
Best WordPress Questionnaire Plugin- HD quiz

HD quiz by Harmonic Design is a strong contender for creating engaging BuzzFeed-style quizzes, questionnaires, and other question-answer style forms.

The plugin is easy to use and offers unlimited creation of quizzes that can be embedded on any page/post on your website. If you are serious about building attention-grabbing quizzes quickly then HD Quiz is the answer.

The plugin offers a responsive quiz design and is touch-friendly. You can even add featured images to each question and images in answers to make it more interesting and click-worthy.

Other features like Multiple Question Types, Facebook and Twitter Quiz Sharing, Pagination, and Quiz Timer are all present. This WordPress Quiz Plugin uses shortcodes to render the quiz.

You can have over 10 answers per question which you can mark as correct and also provide a hint that decreases the guesswork. When you are done setting up the quiz just copy the shortcode and paste it to your desired location.

The plugin offers a lot of customization options and would be of great help if you are planning to build strong professional-based questionnaires.

Key Features
  • Basic Translation Features
  • Packed with useful features
  • Multiple Question Types
  • Ability to Add Images in Answers
  • Timer Function Available
  • Fun, Easy, and Quick Quiz Builder
  • Create Unlimited Quizzes
  • Mobile-Friendly Responsive Quiz Design

6. Quiz Cat

Best WordPress Questionnaire Plugin - Quiz Cat
Best WordPress Questionnaire Plugin- Quiz Cat

Quiz Cat is another popular WordPress Quiz Builder that can be used to build amazing questionnaires. One thing you’ll notice after using this plugin is that it has an easy-to-use interface.

The plugin can be used to build viral quizzes, thanks to its feature of adding images in questions and answers. The plugin also allows you to add a start and finish screen to your quiz.

The plugin is also Gutenberg compatible as it has a block that can be added using the WordPress editor. It also uses shortcodes and can be published using any page builder.

It is translation-ready and highly responsive means your quiz will be accessible to a large audience. Its premium features include building personality quizzes, Multiple Services Integration, Shuffle Quiz Questions Feature, Quiz Analytics, and more.

The plugin is lightweight and won’t slow your website. The Plugin is secure as the data remains on your WordPress database and is not accessible for outsiders.

Key Features
  • Supports Multipurpose Quiz Types
  • Build Unlimted Quizzes
  • Responsive Quiz Design
  • Fully Translatable
  • Has Multiple Premium Features
  • Easy-to-use and Lightweight
  • Multiple third-party services integrations
  • Best for building Trivia Quizzes

7. Interact Quiz Maker

Best WordPress Questionnaire Plugins - Interact Quiz maker
Best WordPress Questionnaire Plugin- Interact

Interact is another WordPress questionnaire plugin that helps you create highly- interactive quizzes. Using Interact, you can make amazing viral quizzes that generate leads and drive traffic. 

It is a powerful quiz builder and has several pre-built templates to make creative quizzes easy. After creating a quiz, you can choose whether you want your users to see the results or not. If you don’t require opt-ins you can hook your results with the email marketing service of your choice. 

Interact also offers a suite of nifty analytics features to help you improve your quiz. It has two real-time analytics dashboards that show audience data as well as a “Drop-off” graph. 

A “Drop-off” graph helps you to recognize if there is any sticking point to your quiz. For instance, maybe your fifth question drives the most visitors to quit the quiz. You can use that data and improve your quiz. 

Key Features
  • 800+ pre-made quiz template
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Present correct answers immediately
  • Segment quiz leads
  • Custom results
  • Customizable opt-in forms
  • Email marketing integration
  • Built-in promotion

8. WordPress Viral Quiz Plugin 

Best WordPress Questionnaire Plugins -WordPress Viral Quiz Plugin
Best WordPress Questionnaire Plugin- Viral Quiz

As the name suggests, this plugin creates viral quizzes for the WordPress site. This plugin truly shines its abilities when it comes to increasing social shares, subscriber count, and page views. This plugin helps you create BuzzFeed-style quizzes for your WordPress website. 

Buzzfeed quizzes drive a huge amount of traffic and even if you can drive some percentage of traffic that goes towards the sites like Buzzfeed, your website will be hugely popular and profitable. 

The design of the plugin is itself good enough to keep your users engaged with your quizzes. It helps you create really good personality quizzes and trivia quizzes. It works with any WordPress theme. It is also fully responsive. 

With the WordPress viral quiz plugin, you can integrate your quiz with iFrames even on your website. It also allows you to customize your designs with Custom CSS Styling.

Key Features
  • Personality quiz and trivia quiz
  • Randomize questions
  • Fully responsive
  • Powerful marketing tools
  • Auto-update
  • Great analytics
  • Multilingual
  • Random Quizzes

9. WP Quiz

Best WordPress Questionnaire Plugins - WP Quiz
Best WordPress Questionnaire Plugin- WP Quiz

WP Quiz comes with all the quiz parameters that are required for a viral content site. It has different quiz types to meet different users’ requirements. You can choose different types to offer something fresh to your audience. Some of the types are personality quizzes, Facebook quizzes, flip card quizzes, swiper quizzes, and more. 

WP Quiz is also a fully responsive plugin to let your users enjoy your content on any type of display. You can randomize your quiz and can add quizzes in any blog post using shortcodes. 

It also works with any WordPress theme. It has the option to show ads on quizzes. This will undoubtedly help you generate more engagement on your website, increase traffic as well as increase revenue

It has a sharing button to push quiz takers to share quizzes in their contacts. The “Record Player’ option lets you show a high score and encourages everyone to beat the high score. It has a cool feature to add countdown timers to the quizzes.

Key Features
  • Different quiz types
  • Surveys
  • Interactive list posts
  • Facebook quiz site
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Development friendly
  • Shows leads in the back end

10. Riddle Quiz Maker

Best WordPress Questionnaire Plugins - Riddle Quiz Maker
Best WordPress Questionnaire Plugin- Riddle Quiz maker

Riddle Quiz Maker is another WordPress Questionnaire plugin that manages to differentiate itself with various features. It supports 15 different types of quizzes, surveys, lists, and polls. It offers multiple content formats for flexibility. 

It has a pretty slick module, featuring everything you need to build engaging quizzes with right and wrong answers. It supports various question types like true/false, audio quizzes, single question quizzes, single questions quizzes, and multiple questions quizzes. 

It supports a wide range of ways to browse and add media to any of the quiz types. A leaderboard makes it very much easier to track the results of your quizzes. It has a rich text editor for maximum creativity.

Key Features
  • Fully white-labeled
  • Drag and drop form builder
  • Integrated image/video/GIF/audio options
  • Built-in image editing
  • Social sharing
  • Fully customizable
  • Branching logic


How do I create a questionnaire in WordPress?

The easiest way to create a questionnaire for your wordpress website is by using a WordPress questionnaire plugin. The best questionnaire plugin choice is the Quiz and Survey Master plugin as you can create engaging questionnaires for free!

Does WordPress have a survey tool?

WordPress offers a choice to the users to get a plugin that can act as a survey tool. QSM is the best questionnaire plugin for your WordPress website!

How do I create a question-answer plugin in WordPress?

To create a question-answer form in WordPress use a Questionnaire Plugin like Quiz and Survey Master. It allows you to create various types of questionnaires like quizzes and surveys!

What is the free question-and-answer plugin for WordPress?

The free question-and-answer plugin for WordPress is the Quiz and Survey Master (QSM) plugin. This plugin offers you extensive professional features at absolutely zero charges (no hidden fees!) However, you can extend the plugin using Addons which are optional and paid.

Final Thoughts

Summing it up, WordPress Questionnaire Plugin could be an amazing option for you to gather information from customers on your website. You don’t have to waste much time and hire developers.

Questions can be anything about your business or customers’ satisfaction. You will receive information most effectively by using this questionnaire plugin.

We would highly recommend trying Quiz and Survey Master Plugin. It has crossed 1 million downloads and is actively being maintained and provides regular updates. 

Other than building awesome Questionnaires the plugin can be used for creating Feedback Forms, Online Exams, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Trivia Quiz, Viral Quizzes, Riddles, Polls, Contact Forms, Personality Quiz, Employee Engagement Surveys, Event Feedback Surveys, Event Planning Surveys, etc.

So, all in all, the QSM Plugin is a Power House and Extremely Useful WordPress Plugin and must be used to create Engaging Questionnaires.

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