QSM Logic Addon with New Features Released!

Quiz and Survey Master’s Logic Addon received a major software update with plenty of bug fixes, visual enhancements, and some user-requested useful features making the addon more user-friendly and stable to use.

If you own an online quiz or survey website and looking for a survey plugin? Or you want to add quiz or survey features to your website? Quiz and Survey Master is the best free survey and quiz WordPress plugin which helps to get more users by adding interactive quizzes, social media integration, multiple question types, and easy statistics.

Quiz and Survey Master have many useful free and paid addons in its trunk. These add-ons help to solve some specific problems by providing extra functionalities which otherwise are difficult to implant in the core Quiz and Survey Master Plugin.

QSM Logic Addon with New Features Released – Logic Addon in Action

Some of the popular addons include Certificate Addon, Reporting and Analysis, Advanced Timer, Paypal and Stripe Integration, Import & Export, Drip Integration, Logic Addon, and more.

Logic Addon is one such paid addon that is simple and powerful that allows you to hide or show different questions based on criteria that you have set.

A brief intro of how Logic Addon works

QSM Logic Addon with New Features Released - Logic Addon 2.0.0
QSM Logic Addon with New Features Released – Logic Addon 2.0.0

The Logic Addon allows you to show or hide a question based on what the user selects for other questions. For example, You could ask, ‘How many bedrooms are in your house?’ and then show another question when they answer. The following questions could all be hidden until someone selects an answer in the ‘how many rooms…’ question like, ‘Do you have a garage?’, ‘Is your house more than 5 years old?’, and so on.

This is done by setting rules to every question that you want should obey the set criteria. You can choose between four conditions like: ‘is equal to’, ‘is not equal to’, ‘is greater than’, and ‘is less than’. If the condition is met then you have the open to ‘show’ or ‘hide’ a particular question.

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What changes after the new Logic Addon 2.0.0 Update?

QSM Logic Addon with New Features Released – Adding Rules

Existing users would notice a visual difference while adding and setting up the logic rules with the corresponding conditions and how the rules are placed after setting them, as the new update bring a revamped UI that is a lot more cleaner and gets the job done quickly.

Well, there is nothing to worry about as the base functionality of setting up rules with conditions still remains the same, where you first select the question, add a condition, select the answer, add another condition to specify what happens when the first condition is met, and then set the target question.

Whereas, you will notice few new features with the recent update like an option to bulk delete/individually delete logic rules, this can be done by clicking on the checkbox at the very top and select all the logic rules or hit individual checkboxes and then delete them by hitting the ‘Delete Rules’ Button.

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Also, you would find an option to ‘Search Logic Rules’ at Top-Right corner. If you have set-up multiple rules that are difficult to find visually they can be searched with the help of the search function and you will end up having the requested logic rules.

Other than that there have been many bug fixes and code refinement at the backend that helped in improving the performance and overall smooth working of the Logic Addon.

Where to find the Logic Addon?

Since this is an addon you will have to purchase it separately from the Quiz and Survey Master website.

You can purchase and download the addon by finding it in the addons section on the QSM website or by hitting the below purchase Logic addon button.

After downloading the addon you can upload it on your WordPress website as just another plugin and activate it by adding the purchased license key and you are good to go!

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Final Thoughts

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