How to Create a File Upload Quiz in WordPress? (4 Easy Steps)

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File upload quiz is one amazing quiz type, in which a user can share their response by uploading a file. Users can attach a file to the quiz and can upload a test file.

Here, in this blog, we will show you 4 simple and easy steps, using which you will be able to create a file upload quiz for your website. 

What is a File Upload Quiz or File Upload Question?

A File Upload Quiz, also known as a File Upload Question, is a type of quiz or question style that can be found in a variety of assessment or survey technologies, such as online learning platforms and survey software. A File Upload Question, as opposed to standard multiple-choice or text-based inquiries, allows users to respond by uploading files.

Here’s how it usually goes:

  • Question Prompt: The designer of the quiz or survey gives a question or task to the participants, requiring them to provide a file as their response.
  • File Upload: In response to the inquiry, participants can upload a file. This file can be in any format supported by the platform, including documents, photos, videos, audio recordings, spreadsheets, and any other file type.
  • Scoring and Evaluation: The platform or quiz developer can score and grade the participants’ responses by reviewing the uploaded files.

Step 1: Create a New Quiz

To create a file upload quiz, the first thing you need to do is create a new form. Give a name to the quiz in the name field. After creating a new form and naming it, select “Quiz” in the “Form Type”. Select “Both” out of the three grading patterns mentioned. 

If you want to force your users to log in before the quiz, enable “Require User Login”. Select a time limit for the file upload quiz, if needed. A value of “0” indicates no time limit to the quiz. Further, click on “Next”.

How to Create a File Upload Quiz in WordPress?
How to Create a File Upload Quiz in WordPress?

You will come to the add-ons page. This file upload quiz master has 40+ addons which can be very useful for your quizzes and surveys. Further in this blog, we have mentioned a few of them. We recommend trying the QSM Pro Bundle.

And there your quiz will be created. 

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Step 2: Select Question Type

Once you create the quiz, you will directly come to the “Questions Tab”. Add questions to the question field and give the question’s description, if needed. 

On the right side of the interface, you will find a dropdown list for question types.  Quiz and Survey Master has 15 different question types to meet users’ requirements. For the upload question type, select “File  Upload”. 

How to Create a File Upload Quiz in WordPress?
How to Create a File Upload Quiz in WordPress?

In this question type, users will have to upload files as their responses. In “Advanced Options”, select the allowed upload file size in MB and the allowed file type. Users can upload files in the form of text files, images, PDF files, Doc files, Excel files, and videos. Select one file type that fits your needs.

Click on “Save Questions” to save the respective question. Further, add more questions to your quiz and repeat the same steps. 

Step 3: Optimize Your Quiz With Various Options

Once you complete adding questions and set the upload files setting to your file upload quiz, it’s time to use various tabs available in Quiz and Survey Master. This file upload quiz master plugin allows you to send customizable emails, show results pages, provide text to the users, and much more. Try these options and make the best out of them. 

How to Create a File Upload Quiz in WordPress?
How to Create a File Upload Quiz in WordPress?

For a detailed breakdown of these various options, read v7- Documentation Quiz and Survey Master.

Step 4: Preview and Publish

Now that you have completed your file upload quiz using the Quiz and Survey Master plugin, preview it by clicking on the icon provided in the top-right corner of the interface. 

If satisfied with the preview, select “Publish Quiz” to publish it on your website. If not, you can again make changes wherever needed and then publish it. On the front end, your users will see a dropbox under the file upload question as shown in the image below.

How to Create a File Upload Quiz in WordPress?
How to Create a File Upload Quiz in WordPress?

Where to Use File Upload Quiz or Question?

File Upload Quizzes or Questions can be useful in a variety of situations when participants must upload files as responses rather than text-based responses. Here are five typical applications for File Upload Quizzes or Questions:

#1 Educational Evaluations:

File Upload Questions can be used by teachers and instructors for assignments and exams in which students must submit essays, research papers, presentations, or creative projects. This structure provides for a more thorough assessment of students’ work.

#2 Job Application Forms:

File Upload Questions can be included in job application forms by employers and HR departments. Applicants can send in their resumes, cover letters, portfolios, or certifications, providing recruiters with a comprehensive picture of their qualifications.

#3 Product Evaluation and Testing:

File Upload Questions can be used by companies conducting beta testing or seeking feedback on physical products, software, or prototypes to collect images, videos, or extensive descriptions of the user experience or issues encountered.

#4 Art Competitions and Contests:

File Upload Questions can help organizers of art, photography, or design competitions acquire high-quality entries from participants. Artists can submit their work in the form of artwork, photography, or designs for examination and judging.

#5 Customer Service and Technical Support:

File Upload Questions can be used by customer support teams to let clients upload screenshots, error logs, or files relating to technical issues they are experiencing. This can help to speed up the troubleshooting process and fix issues more effectively.

Themes for QSM Plugin

Quiz and Survey Master has a bunch of amazing themes that you can use in your quiz/survey. Level up the visuals of the quiz/survey and make it engaging. Buy QSM Premium Themes.

Themes for QSM Plugin
Themes for QSM Plugin

Useful Addons

Quiz and Survey Master is the most amazing WordPress plugin for creating quizzes and surveys. To create a File Upload quiz, you can use various add-ons as well. We have listed some addons which we think might help to make your quiz more fascinating. We recommend buying a QSM Pro Bundle to optimize your quiz with various options. 

Export Results

The Export Results addon allows you to export quiz/survey results including personal information of users like name, email, contact number, and more. The results will be exported as a CSV file. Also, read Export Results.

Extra Template Variable

The Extra Template Variable helps you with the more amazing and stunning templates for your result pages and emails. You can also customize and personalize them. Know more about Extra Template Variable.

If you don’t want your users to get spammed, use Advertisement Be Gone. It removes all the services/add-on advertisements throughout your quiz. Read more about Advertisement Be Gone.

Reporting & Analysis

The Reporting and Analysis addon helps you to analyze the responses of your quizzes/surveys with various charts and graphs. You can filter and export the data using this addon. Learn more about Reporting & Analysis.

Summary Emails

The Summary Emails addon helps you to receive emails that have the summary of the quiz/survey for a particular day or week. Know more about Summary Emails

These are some of the examples of useful add-ons. Quiz and Survey Master have many more add-ons. As it will help you in creating an engaging file upload quiz, you can purchase them in the form of a bundle. Purchase a QSM Pro Bundle.


We hope that this blog has helped you in creating an amazing file upload quiz. Even if you don’t know a single line of coding, using these 4 simple steps you can create a great file upload quiz.

Now that you know how simple it is to create a file upload quiz and how to use Quiz and Survey Master, consider trying the QSM Pro Bundle. It has so many stunning features which you can use in your quizzes and surveys and can optimize them.   

Final Thoughts

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