How to Create a Mental Health Quiz in WordPress?

Want to help your audience check their mental fitness? A mental health quiz or a depression test can be your way. Mental health means our social, emotional, and psychological well-being. As your mental well-being affects emotions and how physically fit you are, it is important to take care of your mental health. 

Quiz and Survey Master is a WordPress quiz plugin that helps you create mental health illness tests or mental health test quizzes. It has various amazing features that can be used to customize and optimize your quizzes. It has a very easy-to-use interface, which makes it even more convenient to use. 

Read this blog to know more about a mental health quiz and how QSM helps you in making one. 

What Is a Mental Health Quiz?

A mental health quiz helps you to check if you are mentally fit or not. It also helps you to distinguish between mental health myths and facts. Recognizing signs of mental disorders is usually not easy. As mental health disorders can affect the mood, thinking, and behavior of an individual, it is very important to take mental health quiz time, to check if everything is okay. 

There are many warning signs of mental illness like,

  1. Excessive anxiety
  2. Lon-lasting sadness
  3. Extreme mood-swings
  4. Social withdrawal
  5. Dramatic changes in eating and sleeping pattern

Why Mental Health Is Important?

1. Affects Physical Health

There is a very powerful connection between your physical health and mental health. If you don’t focus on your mental health, it can negatively impact your physical health. An unhealthy mind can also increase the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, and many other serious illnesses. 

2. Affects Your Emotional Well-Being

An unhealthy mind can make one feel low, angry, and stressed. Both emotional stress and mood swings can affect your energy levels making you feel tired and sluggish. A person with good mental health is more productive and effective in work and daily chores. 

3. Affects Relationships

Mental health can influence whether someone feels able to interact and connect to others. Our mental state can highly affect how we behave with our close ones. Mental illness can often affect passive-aggressiveness, hospitality, and an inability to take part in social activities. 

4. Affects Bad Habits

Mental illness can easily affect the way you feel about yourself and the decisions you make. Also, some studies show that poor mental health can increase the risk of committing violent crimes, and the risk increases if the individual consumes drugs and alcohol.  

5. Affects Productivity and Financial Stability

Mental illness is highly associated with financial stability and unemployment. Workplaces that promote mental health and support people with mental illness are more likely to have more productivity and benefits from associated economic gains.

6. Affects Energy Levels

Mental illness like depression is associated with brain neurotransmitters. Fatigue is a common symptom of depression or associated diseases like insomnia. Mental disorders also affect the sleep cycle, lack of energy, pain, digestive problems, headaches, memory lapses, or concentration. 

7. Affects Quality of Life

An unhealthy mind can cause the loss of interest in the things which we used to love once. It can overwhelm us to the point where we cannot carry on with even the most basic task. It may end up feeling sad, worthless, hopeless, guilty, and a loss of control.

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How QSM Can Help You in Making a Mental Health Quiz?

Quiz and Survey Master is a WordPress quiz plugin that helps you create an amazing mental health quiz with just a few clicks. First, download it and install it on your WordPress site. Next, follow the below-mentioned simple steps to make a mental health quiz.

  1. Create a new quiz: After installing, create a new quiz and do the basic settings like add quiz name, select grading pattern and require user login. Next, click on “Create Quiz”.
  2. Add questions and answers: after creating a quiz, it’s time to add questions to your mental health quiz. Quiz and Survey Master has various question types like multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blacks, or file upload question types. Select answer type and add answers to your questions. Use features like hints and featured images and save your questions
  3. Add text: Add text to your quiz at various places to guide your audience throughout the quiz. 
  4. Edit various options: Quiz and Survey Master have various options to make your quiz interesting and more customizable. You can use various options like a progress bar, limit attempts, and limit questions. After editing it, save the changes. 
  5. Draft emails: After completing a mental quiz, you should provide your users with an email. Quiz and Survey Master also has an option to make every email personalized. You can even add conditions on when a particular mail should be sent to a particular quiz taker.
  6. Create results pages: Quiz taker should also be presented with a result page as a token of appreciation. Here also, you can use the various templates variables available. 
  7. Add styles: After making a quiz, it is important to make your quiz look beautiful, appearance-wise. Use various styles available or you can make your own style through “Custom CSS”. We recommend you to use QSM Premium Themes, as it has various themes to meet users’ requirements.
  8. Preview and publish: After adding questions, customizing your quiz, and adding styles, preview your quiz. If satisfied publish it, otherwise you can go back and edit it. 
  9. Embed shortcode: Use a shortcode to embed your quiz on your website or any blog post.


We hope this blog has helped you in better understanding and creating a mental health quiz. A mental health quiz helps people to clear misunderstandings about mental illness. Mental health and physical health both are equally important for overall well-being. Helping people with their mental health will make your website recognized and will affect your overall business improvement.

Quiz and Survey Master is a WordPress quiz plugin. It makes your work way much simple and easier. Basic Quiz and Survey Master has many features but there are some features that a particular user might need. For that, we recommend QSM Pro Bundle as it is a bundle of useful, time-saving, and feature-rich add-ons. 

Final Thoughts

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Try Quiz and Survey Master

QSM is a free plugin that allows you to create and publish unlimited Quizzes and Surveys on your WordPress Website