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How to Create Flashcards Quiz in WordPress? (3 Simple Steps!)

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Do you want to make online flashcards quiz? It is effortless to create the best online flashcards using the QSM Plugin’s flashcard addon.

Flashcards are an excellent way for students to learn and revise the material effectively. There are numerous advantages to using a flashcard. You can use a variety of techniques to make a flashcard look appealing.

Continue reading to learn more about flashcards and how to create them online with the Flashcard addon in the Quiz and Survey Master- WordPress quiz plugin.

Key Highlights:

  1. What are flashcards?
  2. Why use online Flashcards?
  3. Flashcards Addon by QSM
  4. How to create a Flashcards Quiz?
  5. Why Flashcards Quiz by QSM is Unique?
  6. FAQS

What are Flashcards?

Making Flashcards is a creative way to make users understand and learn about different types of topics. Depending on the website, the quiz, or the survey, we can create a flashcards quiz.

A Flashcards Quiz is very helpful in the working cases of students or educational quizzes. Flashcards can be easily installed into your website using the Quiz and Survey Master plugin addon- Flashcard Addon.

What are Flashcards?

This Addon is available independently as well as in the bundles like the Pro bundle. These bundles retail according to your basic, pro, and plus needs.

The Flashcard Addon is essentially used in use cases of educational or trivia quizzes. There can also be a heads-up quiz or a fun round of general knowledge questions among friends.

Why use online Flashcards?

Here are some reasons you should use flashcards quiz for your website:

Recall Active

Because books and notes have everything in order, students may end up cramming. Because flashcards can be mixed together, they will be able to study the topic in-depth and grasp its essence. This method allows one to train their brain to be active while studying.


Students will be able to search for a specific topic using online flashcards rather than flipping through entire textbooks and notes. You can access your flashcards from anywhere, even if you don’t have books.

Why use online Flashcards?


Using flashcards instead of different books for different subjects allows students to be more versatile. They are probably the best way for students to learn things, and there is nothing a student cannot cover up with them.

Enhanced Efficiency

It is frequently difficult for students to learn large sections of a textbook. Flashcards help to break down topics into different parts, making it easier for students to learn and understand the core topics.

Increases Self-Confidence

The students must have faith in what they have learned. Flashcards boost students’ self-confidence because they help them remember core topics.

Flashcards Addon by QSM

The QSM Flashcards addon assists in the creation of interactive quizzes by utilizing virtual flashcards with questions on one side and relevant answers on the other. The user must label the answer as correct or incorrect based on their opinion. The quiz results page then displays the results. QSM Flashcards can be used to create quizzes that are engaging, simple, and interesting.

Why use QSM Flashcards Addon?

Why use QSM Flashcards Addon?
Why use QSM Flashcards Addon?

Offers an Interactive Experience

Flipping cards and guessing the answer stimulates thought and increases imagination. Using images on flashcards allows students to easily grasp concepts and recollect information much more quickly.

Correct/Incorrect marking

Allow students to think about it and guess the correct answer. Students can now mark answers as correct or incorrect based on their evaluation of the question and compare their answers to the answer on the back of the card.


After collecting user responses and submitting the flashcards. The outcomes of course correction. Users will be shown the correct answer info if they entered it while configuring the flashcards, so they can learn why the correct answer was chosen.

How to create a Flashcards Quiz?

Here are five steps to creating a Flashcards Quiz:

Step 1: Installing and activating the Flashcard Addon

The first and foremost step is to install the QSM plugin. Once you are done installing the QSM plugin, you are required to purchase the Flashcards Addon, after which you would receive a License key and a .zip file for the Flashcard Addon.

Go to WordPress Menu > Plugins > Upload Plugin. Now add your .zip file and upload the plugin. Once uploaded, activate the Flashcard Addon.

How to create a Flashcards Quiz?
How to create a Flashcards Quiz?

Now go to Addon Setting > Flachards Addon, and add in your license key. Once authorized, you are now free to use the Flashcards Addon.

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Step 2: Create a Quiz

After setting up the Addon, go to the QSM menu and create a quiz. Add in the quiz name, choose a quiz theme, and likewise.

Learn how to create a quiz using the QSM plugin

Step 3: Flashcards Questions

After you are done setting up and configuring the quiz, you can easily add a Flashcards question. In case, you are making a Flashcards Quiz, you need to make sure to choose the flashcard question type for each question.

After choosing the question type, you would see this preface:

How to create a Flashcards Quiz?
How to create a Flashcards Quiz?

Here you can add your questions to be shown on the “front” side of the flashcards and answers to those questions on the “back.” And your flashcard is ready!

Why Flashcards Quiz by QSM is Unique?

Now you might wonder, why use Quiz and Survey Master for making a flashcards quiz online? There are many different types of platforms that can make a basic flashcards quiz for you, for free. QSM provides the following features that set it apart:

Correct/Incorrect Marking

More than often, the online flashcards quiz are not taken seriously. In other words, flashcards quizzes can be taken in use for educational purposes as well. In those cases, there must be a marking option for students/teachers.

When you create a flashcards quiz in WordPress using QSM, you get an option to add in the correctness of the answer.

Why Flashcards Quiz by QSM are Unique?
Why Flashcards Quiz by QSM is Unique?

On the bottom right corner, you would see a red and green button, out of which you can select one. This will mark the answer given as correct or incorrect.


Quizzes for fun are quizzes incomplete! We definitely need a score to approve of our intelligence, don’t we? Jokes aside, the scorekeeping during a Flashcards Quiz can be a hassle, but with QSM you don’t even have to squint an eye!

While the user is taking a Flashcards quiz, the correct and incorrect answers will be added and hence a scorecard will be generated at the end of the quiz, automatically!


We live for the thrill that the Flashcards quizzes give us. The interface is so magnetic, that you would want to go for another round of questions. The card flips and the ease with which you can opt-in the correct answers is smooth.

And not only that, in case you wish to go back to the question, you can simply click on the hide button on the bottom left corner of your card. QSM takes care of the aesthetic and the algorithm, all you need to do is make this Flashcards Quiz yours!


How do I create a flashcard in WordPress?

To create a flashcard in WordPress in may need a WordPress quiz or flashcard plugin. Most of the time, Flashcard plugins are not versatile, so quiz plugins like Quiz and Survey Master integrate flashcards interface to give a user-friendly and engaging experience.

How do I create an interactive quiz in WordPress?

To create an interactive quiz in WordPress you can follow these simple steps:
1) Get an all-round Quiz plugin like QSM
2) Use different question types
3) Use multimedia setup in quizzes
4) Make the quizzes short and simple
5) Integrate flashcards or picture quizzes

How do I embed a quiz in WordPress?

You can embed a quiz in WordPress using these steps:
Step 1: Install and activate the QSM plugin on the wordpress website
You can get the QSM plugin for free and create unlimited quizzes using the plugin
Step 2: QSM Quiz Embed Code
Choose the quiz you want to embed, we are taking a sample quiz that we have prepared already for this blog. . You are required to copy the link shortcode from your quiz. As shown in the image given below.
Step 3: Linking to Widget
To use a widget to display a quiz on your WordPress website, go to Appearances > Widget from the WordPress menu. You can simply drag a “Text” widget wherever you require to show your quiz.
Then enter the QSM Embed Shortcode that we copied in the first step.

Concluding Thoughts

In this blog, we learn all about flashcards quizzes and also how you can make flashcards quiz in WordPress. The Quiz and Survey Master plugin devotes an Addon to creating fun flashcards to make your quizzes engaging.

The flashcards addon is a go-to package if you are looking for entertainment with competitive spirits. Some top features of the QSM flashcards are:

  • Improves Memory and boosts recollection
  • Two-sided flashcards are easy to use and fun
  • Correct/incorrect marking makes flashcards more interesting
  • Results are displayed instantly with correct answer info

But wait, this is not the only package that QSM has to offer. In case you want to revamp your website by giving an extra edge to your quizzes, you won’t have to go another mile, because it is all right here!

Check out the QSM bundles for your Basic, Plus, and Pro needs. These addon bundles can actually take your quiz game to another level!

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