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QSM Themes: Make Beautiful Quizzes and Surveys (5 minutes read)

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The Quiz and Survey Master Plugin offers a diverse range of themes that cater to various website genres. While creating quizzes, we often underestimate the significance of these themes. However, these themes are crucial for enhancing the visual appeal of your quizzes and surveys.

In this blog, we’ll explore the unique QSM themes designed to elevate your quiz-making experience. Whether you’ve considered their importance or not, themes play a vital role in making your quizzes more engaging and visually appealing.

Let’s delve into the world of QSM themes and discover why they matter in the quiz creation process.

What Are Themes?

Didn’t expect this did you? Questioning simple terms from day-to-day life is not what everyone does. So, we bring you the cooked knowledge ready to be absorbed.

QSM Themes- What are themes?
QSM Themes- What are themes?

Jokes aside, What are the themes? Something that beautifies your work? Or something that becomes the basis of your work? Pretty tough to guess, right? If you ever come across a building and want to understand how it is built and why is it built that particular way? You might want to look into its theme, which is popularly known as an architectural concept.

Similarly, in QSM surveys and quizzes, you can add themes. It basically is a way in which you can upcycle your quiz game in a long run.

This might sound very obvious but never forget that a good choice in themes, could make your quiz/survey more attractive and practically adorn it.

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Why Do You Need Quiz/Survey Themes?

When it comes to designing quizzes or surveys, the question of whether you need themes often arises. To address this, it’s essential to understand the why behind incorporating themes into your quiz creation process.

QSM Themes- Why do you need themes?
QSM Themes- Why do you need themes?

Don’t scratch your head, okay? We have listed some of the very obvious reasons why you need themes:

  1. To beautify Quizzes and Surveys:
    It is only obvious for a theme to beautify and make the quiz attractive for the users. A well-designed theme can capture attention and create a positive user experience.
  2. To represent the Quiz’s Essence:
    It is one of the major reasons why we need a theme for our quiz. The theme allow you to align your quiz and survey with your brand’s visual identity. Without the theme being related to the quiz, the theme makes no sense. Thus, QSM offers themes that fit almost every type of quiz.
  3. For user engagement:
    A thoughtfully chosen theme can enhance user engagement by creating a cohesive and enjoyable experience.

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How do QSM Themes Provide Assistance?

QSM is the key to making amazing quizzes and surveys. The interface understands the importance of making a quiz/survey with a theme. Therefore, the Quiz and Survey Master Plugin has eight beautiful themes to offer for your quizzical or survey needs.

Let’s go through all of them one-by-one to understand what they can offer you!

QSM Themes- How does QSM help?
QSM Themes- How does QSM help?

QSM Themes

Now that theory is over, let us see some QSM themes, shall we? We will discuss every theme in brief with a sample attached to each theme. The list of themes is as follows:

1. Fortune Theme

The Fortune theme is best to be used for survey forms. With its distinctive design and vibrant color accents, this theme can effortlessly enhance the visual appeal of your surveys, making them a delight for participants.

Additionally, the theme offers a plethora of customization options, allowing you to tailor the design to align seamlessly with your brand identity.

The Fortune theme though supports all question types, it specifically enhances the presentation of two question types – Horizontal Multiple Choice and Horizontal Multiple Responses. It elegantly displays answer values within buttons, accompanied by corresponding labels beneath each button.

Furthermore, the theme also allows for a beautiful countdown timer against the question that doesn’t distract users. The time left (shown below the timer) can be changed if need to.

In sense of aesthetic of theme, the Fortune theme has pleasing and interactive progress bar that display the current page number out of the total pages as you navigate through survey.

This quiz theme stands out with its support for various question styles, the option to add a featured image to every quiz page (in manual paging), and distinct design elements. These features collectively encourage quiz takers to engage actively and respond promptly.

Purchase Fortune Theme

QSM themes- Fortune theme
QSM themes- Fortune theme

2. Breeze Theme

The Breeze theme features a sleek and simplified design that exudes freshness and appeal, perfect for creating surveys and forms. As a Premium Theme, it offers beautiful design elements, button animations, captivating hover effects, and numerous customization options.

The theme displays a full featured image at the beginning of the survey/quiz along with the set welcome text that can be customised. If want to create a timed quiz, the theme includes a distinctive watch face indicating remaining time to finish. You have the flexibility to customize various color options, seamlessly integrating the quiz into your website.

Breeze theme displays the progress bar in percentage along with moving color line. Besides, it displays questions in bold text along with any media that you’ve set while creating the quiz in every question.

The Breeze theme lives up to its name, particularly in its streamlined approach to creating surveys and forms.

Purchase the Breeze theme

QSM Themes- Breeze theme
QSM Themes- Breeze theme

3. Ivory Theme

Ivory QSM Themes is designed to give retro feel to your quizzes and surveys. It encompasses all necessary features for crafting top-tier quizzes. With its versatility, user-friendliness, stability, and mobile-friendly design, it stands out as the optimal choice for creating various quiz types.

In the Quiz Card of theme, half of the portion is covered by the featured image with its slight rounded corners and dim shadow that gives the retro feel to your quiz. The other half consists of the welcome message and the Next Button to start quiz.

Moreover, the theme provides with countdown timer but with a unique watch face style that tops up the retro, classic vibe of the theme. The Ivory Theme boasts captivating hover effects on quiz answers/options, where the option color dynamically changes as users hover over each choice.

The theme’s elegant fonts, simple design clubbed, button animations, and attractive watch face gives it a classic aesthetic while maintaining an elegance that makes it suitable for a wide range of topics.

Purchase the Ivory Theme

QSM Themes- Ivory theme
QSM Themes- Ivory theme

4. Fragrance Theme

The Fragrance theme design complements and highlights the quiz you have on your site, perfect for quizzes specifically pictorial quiz. The theme is designed in a way that every functional element in it is meticulously thought out to maintain a highly intuitive user experience.

It offers appealing button animations as well as many color modification choices. The quiz’s appearance, on the other hand, is captivating, as it features a lined timer watch face in the top-right corner, progress bar, checkbox-style answers amongst others.

The theme is the perfect blend of simple and clean interface. Similar in features with other QSM themes, Fragrance theme still stands out with its classic design that quiz creators can surely look out for.

Purchase the Fragrance theme

QSM Themes- Fragrance theme
QSM Themes- Fragrance theme

5. Pool Theme

Are you looking for a theme that brings out the funkiness in your quizzes or let’s say you want to enhance the ‘funky’ essence in your funky quizzes? Then, Pool Theme is for you, its goal is to transform your website into an exciting online quiz.

With this theme fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices, your audience will always know their progress in the quiz and what’s ahead. Enjoy pleasing button animations, hover effects, and an attention-grabbing circular watch face.

Similar to other QSM themes, Pool theme also has functionalities like current page number, progress bar, timer, and quiz answers in a circular radio-style. Besides, unlike other qsm themes that displays time in just minutes, this theme exhibit timer in hours too.

Purchase Pool Theme

QSM Themes- Pool theme
QSM Themes- Pool theme

6. Sigma Theme

Sigma QSM Theme with its sleek and modern design is the ultimate solution for creating professional forms and surveys such as, volunteer forms, job application forms.

Featuring a contemporary visual design that resonates with a broad audience, the theme incorporates unique fill button elements, a fully responsive page experience, attractive fonts, and optimal question/answer placement.

Furthermore, Sigma theme has elegant “custom pagination” feature that display all quiz pages with customized names, enabling users to navigate questions and switch pages effortlessly.

Besides this, you get the feature to “choose the column range for the answers per row,” where you can arrange specifically Multiple Choice (Horizontal) and Multiple Response (horizontal) question types answers in one to six columns.

Purchase Sigma Theme

QSM Themes- Sigma theme

7. Sapience Theme

Sapience Theme is best to use for quizzes and surveys and elevate them to new heights. Its captivating design, customizable answer labels, and elegant circular progress bar instantly capture your audience’s interest.

The theme brings a distinct feature to elevate the visual appeal of your answer choices, making them more engaging. A unique aspect of it is the ability to choose different Answer Labels – offering options between Numbers and Alphabets.

The star attraction of this theme is its circular/radial progress bar as the centrepiece. Another of the standout features of the theme is its fixed (on the left side of the quiz) global featured image area.

Upgrade to Sapience for a user-friendly, visually impressive, and high-quality design that fosters genuine responses and sustains audience interest.

Purchase Sapience Theme

Sapience QSM Theme

8. Pixel Theme

Perfect for creating interactive quizzes, Pixel theme is a best way to showcase engaging quiz with images as answers. It perfectly capture your audience’s attention with striking images, well-formatted answer options, and distinctive design elements that boost user engagement.

The standout feature of the theme is its capability to showcase image answers in custom sizes across Multiple Choice (Horizontal & Vertical) and Multiple Response (Horizontal & Vertical) question types.

Pixel theme also includes a sleek and dynamic progress bar located at the top of your questions, featuring a simple downward pointer. This makes it effortless for users to quickly check their quiz progress.

Aside from that the theme similar to other QSM themes provide complete control over the appearance of quizzes with theme customization.

Purchase Pixel theme

Pixel QSM Theme

What are free QSM Themes?

The most dynamic free QSM themes are the Companion theme and the Serene theme. These are free to download and use and you can get them pre-installed when working with QSM 8.0 version or above.

What makes QSM Themes better?

QSM themes are a way to propose your quiz in an expressive manner. The themes are practically planned and delivered according to different quizzical needs. For example, the Pool and Companion themes go marvelously for surveys and forms while the Fragrance and Serene themes are perfectly suited for fun quizzes.

Final Thoughts

From this blog, one thing is very clear themes are very important when it comes to quizzes and surveys. Whether it be a light-hearted harry potter quiz or a targeted personality quiz, themes can make or break them.

If you are using Quiz and Survey Master plugin for your quizzes and surveys, then you would realize that all of the themes have some special quality, which makes each of them unique and better than the other (even though it is hard for me to choose a favorite)

QSM themes could be used in every type of quiz, all you need to know is the function and some keywords that you feel your users will be able to relate to. For example, we saw a mental health quiz could have a soothing breeze theme whereas a history quiz could easily be a Pool theme with all those calming blues.

If you enjoyed reading this blog, you might also be interested in how can you create an attractive quiz results page or how can you embed a survey or quiz in a post.

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