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5 Creative Examples of Using Quiz Plugins on WordPress sites

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Using quiz plugins for creating quizzes or surveys is a simple way to boost user engagement and browsing time. Site owners can embed a quiz, survey, or poll on their site in minutes with the help of WordPress quiz plugins.

Fun and entertaining quizzes, in addition to increasing average time on site, make excellent marketing tools. Quiz creators can use them to collect emails and build a mailing list, and quiz takers can use them to share their quiz results on social media.

With so many quiz plugins available, deciding on the best WordPress quiz plugin for your site can be difficult. To assist you in making your decision, we have compiled a list of the best free and premium WordPress quiz plugins.

In this blog, we will go through some creative examples of using quiz plugins on WordPress sites in different strata of industries. We will also learn a few types of quiz plugins and which plugin can help you achieve the best of the quizzes and surveys.

Key Highlights:

Benefits of Using Quiz Plugins on WordPress Sites

While surfing, an average user tends to engage on a website only if it has an attractive interface, activities, and themes. If your quizzes or surveys are not up to the expectations of the users, they might easily get bored and leave.

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Therefore, using quiz plugins on WordPress sites is important and has certain benefits that are as follows:

#1 Creating Databases

Use a quiz or survey to generate leads for your company. Quizzes that require email addresses, for example, can be useful for increasing newsletter subscribers, whereas demographic information can be useful for customer segmentation.

#2 Increases Exposure

People can share the results of your quizzes on social media websites. Free exposure can help improve website branding, resulting in increased traffic and conversion rates.

Benefits of Using Quiz Plugins on WordPress Sites
Benefits of Using Quiz Plugins on WordPress Sites

#3 Enhances your SEO

Quizzes and surveys can help you learn more about the expectations of your target audience. Use the findings to adjust your content to rank higher on search engine results pages by answering users’ search intent (SERPs).

#4 Reduces Hollow Leads

Reduce the bounce rate and increase time spent on the site. A quiz encourages visitors to interact with your content and stay on your site longer. This prevents visitors from leaving your WordPress site as soon as they arrive.

Types of Quiz Plugins for WordPress Sites

One can make use of different typologies of quizzes and surveys to boost marketing. This can mean using different question types, themes, and even grading techniques. But talking broadly, different types of quiz plugins for WordPress websites are:

  • Trivia quiz plugins: These quiz plugins are solely dedicated to creating trivia quizzes. These are characterized by multiple-choice questions type and leaderboards. These plugins may or may not be versatile in use.
  • Personality quiz plugins: Using the personality quiz plugins means adding an edge to your website. More than often, all the entertainment quizzes can be reduced to personality quizzes. Therefore, you can create a number of quizzes using this plugin.
  • Survey quiz plugins: Such quiz plugins are usually bundled with quiz plugins. Survey quiz plugins have an affinity toward creating non-graded forms. They have input-acquiring interfaces and can be used for healthcare industries. These can also be used for creating different types of feedback forms.
  • Poll quiz plugins: These quiz plugins can be seen in almost every research and documentation website. These plugins are gaining more and more limelight because polls are very important to understand users’ choices and feedback.

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Creative Examples of Using Quiz Plugins on WordPress Sites

Since we discussed the types of quiz plugins for a WordPress site, you might have guessed by now that there is no way that you can get all of these features in one quiz plugin. But let us be clear here, Quiz and Survey Master plugin is the go-to for creating all the different types of quizzes, surveys, and even polls.

Quizzes and Surveys need to be analyzed before they are made available to the public. Using quiz plugins also gives you the opportunity to analyze and edit the quizzes and surveys on your websites.

Using quiz plugins is made easy with QSM. We have cited some examples of the QSM plugin that can help you understand the functioning and use cases:

#1 Health and Medical Quizzes

QSM offers you to create trivia and deductive types of quizzes for the health and medical industry. Such quizzes are gaining popularity as the industry shifts to its digital era. QSM also helps in aiding more healthcare surveys.

Creative Examples of Using Quiz Plugins on WordPress Sites
Creative Examples of Using Quiz Plugins on WordPress Sites

This quiz here from Maze Men’s Heath is an example of how you can use the QSM plugin for healthcare quizzes. The website uses multiple-choice questions for this quiz. This quiz is specifically targeted and therefore requires a collaborative interface. The quiz can be blended easily with the website’s theme with QSM complete customization option.

#2 Personality Quizzes

Using quiz plugin by QSM for personality quizzes is a win-win for both parties. It offers an engaging interface and creating quizzes in QSM is simple and sorted for the owners.

Creative Examples of Using Quiz Plugins on WordPress Sites
Creative Examples of Using Quiz Plugins on WordPress Sites

In this example by Mentorys we can see a personality quiz in working. They have devised this quiz for assessing the leadership style of the users. In this quiz, they are using multiple choice questions. As it is visible, you can completely customize QSM quizzes for your WordPress website, according to its look and feel.

#3 True and False Quizzes

When it comes to using quiz plugins for different types of quizzes, QSM is the safest option. It allows you to add basic MCQ-type quizzes, Likert scale quizzes, fill-in-the-blank quizzes, and many more.

Creative Examples of Using Quiz Plugins on WordPress Sites
Creative Examples of Using Quiz Plugins on WordPress Sites

As we look at this quiz by Social Anxiety it is using a simple background and theme. It is a true and False type of quiz. The user is presented with two simple choices for answers. Such quizzes can be easily graded and therefore are opted for. Other than that, it engages the user with situation questions that provides a brain-stimulating experience.

#4 Educational Quizzes

Using quiz plugins for the educational industry is on the soar. QSM helps you in creating educational quizzes with different question typologies. For example, in this quiz by Spirch Mit, fill-in-the-blank questions are used.

Creative Examples of Using Quiz Plugins on WordPress Sites
Creative Examples of Using Quiz Plugins on WordPress Sites

This is a verb-identifying quiz that is available for Spanish speakers and learners. You can create quizzes and surveys in different languages using the QSM plugin. Such an educational quiz is also seen in the example given below by MixedChat. This is a geography quiz that is using multiple-choice questions. You can create similar history quizzes, mathematics quizzes, and science quizzes using the QSM plugin.

Creative Examples of Using Quiz Plugins on WordPress Sites
Creative Examples of Using Quiz Plugins on WordPress Sites

#5 Self-Assessment Quizzes

Another popular type of quiz that can be created using quiz plugins is the self-assessment quiz. These quizzes have a lot of potentials because many of the users are geographically scattered. For catering to a larger audience, self-assessment quizzes are the choice.

Creative Examples of Using Quiz Plugins on WordPress Sites

One such example of a self-assessment quiz created using QSM can be the ADHD self-assessment quiz by Kalamazoo ADHD Consultants. They are using multiple-choice questions for this quiz.

Another example of the same type of quiz is the humanity explorer quiz by About Hunome. They have functionally incorporated the quiz with their website which looks fabulous!

Creative Examples of Using Quiz Plugins on WordPress Sites
Creative Examples of Using Quiz Plugins on WordPress Sites

Creating quizzes using WordPress quiz plugins has never been simpler. With the Quiz and Survey Master plugin, you can easily create a versatile and beautiful quiz. All you need to do is download the QSM plugin and create a quiz or survey by customizing the QSM tabs!

Learn to Create a Quiz on your WordPress website


What is the benefit of using plugins in WordPress?

The main reason so many developers use plugins is that they save a lot of time, which in turn can save on a website’s overall investment. The plugins also provide flexibility for customization

What is the best quiz plugin for WordPress?

Quiz and Survey Master Plugin is the best quiz plugin for WordPress.

Can you do a quiz on WordPress?

Yes, you can do a quiz on WordPress using quiz plugins for WordPress websites. QSM is one of the most versatile quiz plugins.


And it’s a wrap! In this blog, we learned how there can various use cases for using quiz plugins on WordPress websites. More than often, quizzes can offer different types of purposes therefore, a versatile quiz plugin is indeed very important.

The quiz and Survey Master plugin caters to all the requirements for an excellent quiz plugin. It offers different types of questions and is bundled with interfaces for surveys as well as quizzes.

With QSM pro features you can make the most of the quiz-making experience. You can also unlock beautiful QSM themes and boost your marketing strategies using QSM addons.

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