QSM Sigma is the ultimate solution for creating engaging and professional surveys, quizzes, and exams. Its sleek and modern design, combined with customizable pagination and column settings, offers a unique and user-friendly experience.

Perfect for businesses, educators, and researchers, Sigma supports Multiple Choice (Horizontal) and Multiple Response (Horizontal) questions, making data collection and analysis a breeze. Don’t settle for a generic survey theme, upgrade to QSM Sigma and take your forms to the next level.

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Adjust Answers in Multiple Columns

Make your Multiple Choice (Horizontal) and Multiple Response(Horizontal) questions stand out with the Sigma theme’s customizable column range feature. This exclusive feature allows you to display your answers in one or more columns, with a maximum of six columns to choose from. Whether you want to keep things simple with one column or go all out with six, the choice is yours with Sigma Theme.

Beautiful Pagination

Wow your users with a top-notch quiz and survey experience with the Sigma theme’s stunning pagination option. With the ability to display custom page names, your users can easily navigate between question categories and make timely & informed decisions about which questions to answer.

Sharp Design 

Be it a survey form, quiz, or test, the Sigma theme perfectly fits all purposes thanks to its design, mesmerizing colors, and overall form template. Persons of all ages are going to like it and would surely spend time exploring your form.

Extreme Customization Options

Get ready to make your quizzes and surveys look the best with the customization options of the Sigma theme! With the ability to change the appearance of the progress bar, buttons, and answers, as well as the option to customize the background image, Sigma allows you to create a cohesive look that matches your overall website.

Sigma Theme Settings

License & Documentation

QSM Sigma theme is compatible with QSM v8.0.9 and higher, it comes with a 1-year License & updates.

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Version: 1.1.0

Last Update: December 15, 2023

Released: February 2, 2023