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How to Make a Clutterbug Quiz in WordPress? (3 Easy Steps)

Do you know what is your clutterbug style? A clutterbug quiz can help you to know your organizational style which can change your life for good. Clutter in your own house can freak you out. When things are not in their place, the situation can lead you to feelings of frustration and disorganization. 

An organized home or an organized workplace can be an effective tool for stress management. A space characterized by the physical manifestation of your taste can calm you. Organization and punctuality go hand in hand, so you can be on time, consistently. When you keep your space organized, you will not have to waste your time finding things, and thus, you will have more time for other activities making you productive. 

Quiz and Survey Master is an amazing WordPress quiz plugin that helps you create an effective clutterbug quiz. It has numerous features to help you make your quiz easy. You can use various options available you make your quiz more interesting and engaging. 

Read the further blog to know how easily you can make a clutterbug quiz.

What Is a Clutterbug Quiz?

Clutterbug quiz- Organization

A clutterbug quiz helps you identify your organizational style. A messy, disorganized space can just cost you more than your inner peace. For example, if you don’t have a properly organized system for filling your bills and cheques, you might end up paying things late which might result in late fees or additional charges.  

When you have organized your surroundings, you have room to think or layout your thoughts without any distractions or clutters. With organization, you own things you love or use, and you focus on keeping things where they belong. It helps you to have more time for other activities and not feel guilty about them. Keeping things where they belong and using all you have, shows respect to your personal property. 

Different Types of Clutterbug

There are mainly 4 types of clutterbug styles. Each of these styles focuses on different needs with visual and practical organization.

1. Ladybug

Different Types of Clutterbug
Different Types of Clutterbug

Ladybugs and organized outside but their drawers and closets are a big mess. Visual clutter stresses them out and even causes anxiety. So they end up jumbling their mess in drawers, closets, under the bed, or in laundry bags. 

Baskets, containers, and drawer labels can be ladybug’s way to escape. Using baskets and containers can help them to keep their home clutter-free. When they open a drawer, they see baskets and containers properly labeled, which also helps them to easily access their belongings. Labeling containers and drawers are ladybugs’ best friends.

2. Bee

Clutterbug quiz- Bee
Different Types of Clutterbug

A bee clutterbug loves to see their everyday used item instead of hiding them. They don’t like to hide their frequently used items in the closets or drawers. They like to see their supplies on the surface until the job is done. For example, if they are writing an assignment, they will keep their notebooks, pens, papers, colors, highlighters, and all the other supplies related to the assignment beside them until the work is finished. 

Open shelves work best for bee clutters since they like to see their stuff. Clear bins, baskets, and jars are their go-to organizing system. They can use project boxes that contain all the supplies they need for the current project. 

3. Cricket

Clutterbug quiz- Cricket
Different Types of Clutterbug

Crickets love minimal clutters and they micro-organize everything. They are true perfectionists. However, they don’t get enough time to perfectly organize everything. Once they end up organizing each and everything in detail, they won’t have much problem following it. 

Crickets like a very detailed and logical organization that sometimes ends up with too much time to set up or too much work to use properly. A timer while organizing stuff can help motivate them to move faster. Embracing “good enough” and letting go a little bit is the best solution for crickets. 

4. Butterfly

Clutterbug quiz- Butterfly
Different Types of Clutterbug

A butterfly is a very visual person and for them, it’s out-of-sight, out-of-mind. They like to display their items rather than hide them in closets or drawers. They love organizational simplicity.  They need a macro-organizing system that is visible and clearly labeled. 

Clear bins and wired bins and baskets are their solutions. Large and pretty labels are their best friends. Since they are more emotionally attached to their belongings than an average person, clutters can easily distract them. Open shelves also work for butterflies. 

How You Can Make a Clutterbug Quiz in WordPress?

Step 1: Download and install Quiz and Survey Master

To make a clutterbug quiz, you need to first download Quiz and Survey Master to your WordPress. Simply, click on the “Plugin” button on the menubar of WordPress or just click on the button below to download Quiz and Survey Master. Install and activate it to make quizzes and surveys with just a few touches. 

Step 2: Create a Clutterbug Quiz

Firstly, you need to do the ground research on the clutterbug quiz you want to make. Research well about the layout and questions you want in your quiz. For the clutterbug quiz, you can add questions like,

  • Where do you usually put something after using it?
  • What is your biggest clutter issue?
  •  What does your space usually look like?
  • What do you find hard to get rid of?
  • How often do you clean your space?
  • What type of visual appearance do you prefer for your space?
  • What organizing system works best for you?
  • What is your biggest organizing challenge?
  • What works best for you to remember your belongings/
  • How do you like your favorite things to be?
  • How do you like to decorate your space?

Apart from the questions, you can work on the theme and follow-up emails after the quiz. Quiz and Survey Master has various themes according to your needs. They are highly customizable and interactive. You can download them and make your clutterbug quiz visually satisfying. 

After installing the Quiz and Survey Master and doing the ground research, it’s time to make your clutterbug quiz. Click on “Add New” and select the theme for your quiz. Next, give an engaging name to your quiz and select the form type. Select the grading pattern, and time limit and check “Yes” if you want your users to log in. 

Next, you will land on the “Addons” page. Quiz and Survey Master has various add-ons to help you make your quiz, manage results, follow-up emails, and likewise.

It’s time to add questions to your clutterbug quiz. There are various question types available to meet users’ requirements. You can select one according to your needs and add questions to the question field. Select answer type and add answers to the respective question. 

If you want to add a featured image to the question, you can do that from the “Featured image” option. There are various advanced options available like comment files and hints to make your clutterbug quiz even more engaging. 

After adding a question and editing it, you need to save it by clicking on “Save Question”. Likewise, add all the questions to your quiz. 

Next, create a field to gather contact information from your users. You can collect information like name, phone number, and email address for future reference.  Select the field type, label it, and select why it is used. Check on “Required”, if you want to force your users to fill the field. Save the field and add a new field likewise. 

In the “Text” tab, you can create a message for your users. You can select when that message should be displayed to your user. There are also various allowed template variables you can use to personalize your message. 

From the “Options” tab, you can customize various options available. Don’t forget to save the changes you make by clicking on “Save Changes” at the bottom of the interface. 

This plugin helps you to send personalized emails and present the results page to your quiz takers. You can also add conditions on when a particular email or results page should be sent to a user. You can also add various styles to your quiz. 

Creating Clutterbug Quiz

Step 3: Publishing Your Clutterbug Quiz

After creating the quiz, and editing it, preview it from the top-right side of the interface. If the quiz is exactly how you want it to be, publish it, otherwise, you can always go back and make the changes. After publishing your quiz, promote it by embedding your quiz to your website or sending an email to the leads

Publishing Clutterbug Quiz
Publishing Clutterbug Quiz


A suitable clutterbug style strengthens your self-discipline. Helping your users to find their clutterbug style will increase your engagement. 

Quiz and Survey Master is a WordPress quiz plugin that will help you make an amazing clutterbug organizing quiz. It gives you access to various useful addons. It has various features to help you make the quiz and personalize it. You can also use various Add-ons to make your work simple and easy.  

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