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10 Best WordPress Quiz Plugins for Engaging Users on Your Site

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Are you looking for the WordPress quiz plugins to engage more users on your site? Now is the time to get the best WordPress plugins in the town for your website, if you still haven’t!

The appeal of interactive content has continued to rise. Quizzes, like polls, surveys, online calculators, and other interactive content, can be found on news websites, eCommerce stores, social media sites, and in emails and online courses.

Site owners can gain much from interactive quizzes. They can increase user engagement on a website, lengthen the time spent on the page, produce a lot of shares and referral traffic, and provide useful information about your audience.

With some trending quiz plugins, you can effortlessly build and add quizzes to your WordPress website. The WordPress plugins listed below will assist you in quickly creating mobile-friendly and visually rich quizzes.

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Best WordPress Quiz Plugins

The best WordPress quiz plugins are listed down starting from the Quiz and Survey Master Plugin going right down to Viral Quiz Plugin.

1. Quiz and Survey Master Plugin

Out of all the WordPress quiz plugins, top-rated is Quiz and Survey Master. It can be used to make multiple-choice, true-false, open-ended, multiple-response with checkboxes, drop-down, and fill-in-the-blank quizzes. You may then change the text blocks throughout the quiz, as well as the submit button and use template variables to generate customized text for your visitors.

Best WordPress Quiz Plugins- Quiz and Survey Master
Best WordPress Quiz Plugins- Quiz and Survey Master

There is a slew of extra choices for personalization and settings. You have the option of grading the quiz using an incorrect/correct system, a points-based system, or no grading at all. You can utilize all of the questions or choose a few at random or make timed quizzes for tests or exams.

You can choose to have a certain amount of questions per page or all of them on one page. You have the option of asking for contact information at the start or end of the quiz. You can even set the plugin to send the user an email with their results.

2. LearnPress

LearnPress is a free learning management system (LMS) plugin that is widely used. Unlike other WordPress Quiz Plugins, LearnPress makes it simple to design quizzes so you can provide students with interactive learning experiences on your site. It also helps you make times quizzes, organize courses, manage enrollments, and offer certificates and badges.

Best WordPress Quiz Plugins- LearnPress
Best WordPress Quiz Plugins- LearnPress

These quizzes can include a variety of question formats, such as multiple replies and true/false questions, as well as be timed.
LearnPress also has a paid add-on called Random Quiz, which shuffles the questions in a quiz. Students will receive different questions from their peers or if they need to repeat a quiz in this manner.

3. WP Quiz

Third on the list of the best WordPress Quiz Plugins is the WP Quiz.

WP Quiz is a WordPress quiz plugin that is both customizable and simple to use. There are three sorts of quizzes included: trivia, personality, and flip cards. You can include photos in your questions and answers, allow users to restart the quiz, and display the results at the conclusion, among other things.

Best WordPress Quiz Plugins- WP Quiz
Best WordPress Quiz Plugins- WP Quiz

WP Quiz is available in two different styles: multi-page and single-page quizzes. You may auto-scroll and add social sharing buttons to your page.

The pro edition of the plugin lets you force users to do an action in order to see the results, randomize questions and answers, set a countdown timer, and show adverts.

4. Modal Survey

Next on the list of best WordPress quiz plugins is Modal Survey which is available on CodeCanyon.

Modal Survey is a paid plugin that lets you build quizzes, polls, and surveys, as well as display the results in animated graphs and charts. This plugin is very customizable and mobile-friendly. You can change the text size, padding, border, background, font, and border colors while making a quiz or other interactive material.

Best WordPress Quiz Plugins- Modal Survey
Best WordPress Quiz Plugins- Modal Survey

You can customize a quiz by adding parallax effects, setting an expiration period, and creating a custom message to appear at the conclusion, among other things. You can select different user interactions to trigger the quiz or survey, which is a unique feature of the Modal Survey.

5. Poll, Survey & Quiz by OpinionStage

Opinion Stage is one of the WordPress quiz plugins that allows you to create polls, surveys, and quizzes. You may make anything from opinion polls to feedback surveys to Buzzfeed-style quizzes to contact forms with this free plugin, either from scratch or using hundreds of optimized templates.

When you install Opinion Stage, you’ll notice five Gutenberg blocks, including polls, surveys, trivia quizzes, personality quizzes, and classic forms, that are specifically created for these diverse content categories. Select a color theme, font, and font size to personalize the look and feel of your polls, surveys, and quizzes.

Best WordPress Quiz Plugins- Polls, Survey & Quiz
Best WordPress Quiz Plugins- Polls, Survey & Quiz

6. Quiz Maker

Quiz Maker is one of the free WordPress quiz plugins that allows you to quickly construct complicated quizzes and examinations. You can choose from seven different sorts of questions, such as text, numeric, or date questions; true-or-false questions; yes-or-no questions; multiple-choice questions with a checkbox, radio button, or dropdown; and more.

Best WordPress Quiz Plugins- Quiz Maker
Best WordPress Quiz Plugins- Quiz Maker

There are plenty of options for customizing your quizzes in the quiz. You can make the questions and responses random. You can create a question bank with up to 100 questions and then have the plugin choose 20 questions at random for a quiz. You can set your quizzes to only be visible to users at specific times.

Aside from the Quiz Maker, this plugin provider also has a poll maker and a survey maker plugin, all of which are free. A photo gallery plugin, a popup box, and a FAQ builder are also included.

7. HD Quiz

HD Quiz is one of the WordPress quiz plugins that is both free and simple to use. You can create endless quizzes, set a featured picture and explanation for each question, supply photos or animated GIFs as answers, and include Facebook and Twitter share buttons with this mobile-friendly plugin.

Best WordPress Quiz Plugins- HD Quiz
Best WordPress Quiz Plugins- HD Quiz

HD Quiz also includes a variety of question formats, basic translation capabilities, and pagination – and it was recently updated to include even more features. Setting a timer per question (rather than for the entire quiz) and the “Select All That Apply” question type are two new features.

8. Interact Quiz Maker

Interact Quiz Maker is a sophisticated web-based tool for creating viral quizzes and using them to generate leads, social media followers, traffic, and conversions. It has a handy drag-and-drop quiz builder that allows you to construct extremely engaging tests.

You can pick from a variety of styles, colors, and designs, as well as over 800 ready-to-use question templates.

Best WordPress Quiz Plugins- Interact Quiz Maker
Best WordPress Quiz Plugins- Interact Quiz Maker

Quiz branching is supported, allowing you to display questions dependent on the user’s responses to previous questions. You can easily reveal results at the end by using their scoring system.

It works seamlessly with your email marketing and CRM software and can be easily added to your site with a simple shortcode.

9. Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is the industry’s most powerful WordPress form builder plugin. It includes a simple but powerful drag-and-drop form builder that allows you to develop forms that are more than just contact forms.

It comes with a number of useful form templates, or you can start from scratch with a blank form.

Best WordPress Quiz Plugins- Formidabe Forms
Best WordPress Quiz Plugins- Formidable Forms

You can either construct your own grading scale or create quizzes that are automatically assessed. The score can be emailed or shown in a success message after a user submits a quiz.

Furthermore, the quiz score can be formatted in a variety of ways, including total answer count, letter grade, and percentage of correct answers.

10. Viral Quiz Plugin

Another premium plugin for producing trivia and personality quizzes, ranking lists, flip card trivia, and checklists is Viral Quiz Maker, commonly known as OnionBuzz for WordPress.

It has a number of complex features for engaging users on your site, boosting the likelihood of your quizzes becoming viral, and monetizing your site.

Best WordPress Quiz Plugins- Viral Quiz Plugin
Best WordPress Quiz Plugins- Viral Quiz Plugin

You may show a Trivia Leaderboard with this plugin to encourage users to compete and spend more time on your site. On your website, you may add and personalize a Mailchimp opt-in form, as well as lock quiz results inside the form.

You can include social sharing icons in your quizzes so that people can share them on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. AdSense advertising, picture banners, and custom code ads can all be placed in separate portions on your WordPress website.

What WordPress Quiz Plugin is the best for you?

Now that we have gone all over the list of the 10 best quiz plugins for your WordPress website, the choice is YOURS! Yes, at last, it is all up to your which WordPress quiz plugin is a perfect fit for your site to engage more and more users.

If you are looking for a plugin that has an all-in-one set of features, you can choose the Quiz and Survey Master plugin. The QSM plugin has the best options to optimize the Results pages as well as the quiz questions, one at a time.

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