How to Collect Contact Information With a Quiz in WordPress? (4 Easy Steps)

Do you also want to collect contact information of your users with some interesting quizzes? Want to know how it is going to benefit your business? You have landed on the right page!

Regardless of the industry, you work within, you should be aware of your target audience and their needs. Creating a database plays a significant role in a company’s overall marketing strategies and impactful benefits. 

If you want to know the response of your marketing strategies and want to improve that, creating a quiz with a purpose to collect contact information is something you should try. 

Read the further blog to know more about the importance and method to collect contact information with a quiz using WordPress plugin Quiz and Survey Master.

Why You Should Collect Contact Information?

1. For Better Understanding of the Market

It helps businesses to understand how their customers behave online and their demographics. With a good database, it becomes much easier for the company to understand their customers’ needs, what they want and even how they prefer to talk. 

With all this information, it becomes much easier for them to improve their medium of communication and optimize their service.

2. Improve Customer Database

With a good database, you will have customers’ information like email addresses, their choices, and phone number. You can use them and reach out to potential customers generating leads for your business. You will have data with which you can send updates, special offers, and much more.

3. Improve Marketing Strategies

If you want to outrank your competitors, you should develop a sense of transparency between your company and your users. A good database can help you understand individual user’s persona, their preferred social media platform, their medium of conversation, and much more. 

With that, you will be able to know, which of your marketing campaigns your target audience responds to the most. You can improve or make changes in your marketing strategies based on that. 

4. Increase Personalization

Any person would like the message if it is specially personalized for them. Collecting data will help you meet consumers’ needs with regard to personalized communication and suggestions. 

Apart from that, the more you know about your customers’ choices, the more you will be able to pitch them for that, which will lead to increased sales. You can segment your marketing strategies based on the consumers who have similar interests.

5. Get Feedback

Getting feedback is one of the most important things in the business. You should know whether you are meeting the expectations of your users or not. 

Feedback will help you connect to unhappy customers in person. You should try to understand their problems and solve them. If you start focusing on your unhappy customers as much as you do on your happy customers, your business will start growing by several times. 

How to Collect Contact Information With a Quiz?

After adding Quiz and Survey Master to your WordPress site, navigate  Quizzes/Survey under QSM in the WordPress sidebar. Create a new quiz and give a name to it. 

Collect contact information- Create new form

Add questions to the quiz, and come to the “Contact” tab to create a contact form to collect information from the users. 

Step 1: Add New Field

To create a contact field for your users, click on “Add new field”.

Collect contact information- Add new field

Step 2: Select Field Type

After creating a new field, you will find various options to gather contact details. Firstly you will find an option for selecting field type. After clicking on “Field type” you will find three options in the dropdown menu, namely Small Open Answer, Email, and Checkbox.

  1. Small Open Answer:  It is for the text information like Name, Class, Gender, Business, and so on.
  1. Email: This will verify that the written data in the field is a correct email address.
  1. Checkbox: It is for the users to make them agree with the terms and conditions.
Collect contact information- Field type

Choose any one field type that fits your needs. 

Step 3: Label the Field

To edit the text that appears next to the field, click on “Label”.

Collect contact information- Label the field

Step 4: Select Used For

Here you will find four options namely, Name, Phone, Business, Email. Select the one for which the field will be used. 

Collect contact information- Used for

More Features on Quiz and Survey Master Plugin

Quiz and Survey master has many more features as well, which will help you to collect the contact information of your users. Further, there is a detailed breakdown of such features.

1. Edit Text

Quiz and Survey master has different options with which you can provide your users some text to gather contact details. Click on the dropdown button and you will see around 11 options on when the text should be displayed. As every option has a different purpose, you can choose one that fits your needs.

Collect contact information- Edit text

 You can see “Allowed Variables” on the right side, using which you can personalize the text. 

With “Customize labels” you can change the default text that appears on the Navigation Button, validation messages, and some other options.

2. Customize Options

In the ‘Options’ tab, you get access to various fields which you can edit.

Collect contact information- Edit options

You can control your user’s activity on the quiz and how you want your users to take it using this option. You can edit it according to your preferences.

3. Send Emails

After completing a quiz, you might need to send your users a mail regarding their results or just let them know that they have submitted the quiz.

Collect contact information- Send emails

Quiz and Survey Master allows you to edit user email using various “Template Variables”. Simply copy the variables from the “Insert Template Variable” option in the bottom-right corner and use it in the text to personalize it. You can customize your email subject and content as per your preferences using template variables.

To add additional conditions on when the email should be sent, click on “Add Additional Conditions”. After completing all these steps, save the email by clicking on the “Save Emails” button. For creating a new user email for a different purpose, click on “Add New Mail” and repeat the same steps.

4. Create Result Pages

You can create and customize a result page for your users, by clicking on the “Result Pages” tab.

Collect contact information- Result pages

On the “Result Pages” tab, you can click on “Insert Template Variables” to customize your result page using various variables. 

By default, there will be only two variables present. You can add content like users’ names, their performance, email, and so on, using template variables from the option “Insert Template Variables”. It is available in the bottom-right corner of the interface.

If you want to show different result pages according to the user’s performance, click on “Add New Result Page”. You will again find various options to create another result page, edit it and save it by clicking on ‘Save Result Pages’.

5. Customize Styles

Select a theme to make your survey look good visually. There are some predefined themes and also there is an option called ‘Custom Style CSS’ from which you can create a theme that fits your need. 

Collect contact information- Customize styles

Create or select a perfect theme for your survey, so that you can engage your users.

Try different themes to make your form look good by purchasing themes from QSM Premium Themes.

Useful Addons to Collect Contact Information

Basic Quiz and Survey Master have many features. But there are some special features that users might need. For that Quiz and Survey Master has 40+ addons. 

Collect contact information- Addons

Each addon has a different purpose and will help you in a certain way. To level up your quizzes and surveys, add any addon that fits your requirements. 


A good database of your customers and visitors will help you focus on your work and align your strategies in a way to increase your business. A database can also help you with customers’ insights and make better decisions. 

Now that you know about the countless benefits and advantages of collecting users’ information, consider trying QSM Pro Bundle. It has so many amazing features that will optimize your survey and help you to collect contact information for your customers. 

Final Thoughts

Even in a world that appears to be dominated by social media, email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing strategies available to brands. Get creative with your email collection strategies and discover new ways to engage customers in your shopping experience. You will be rewarded for your marketing efforts with higher returns and a more loyal customer base.

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