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How to make the Quiz Results Page attractive? (2 step method)

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Are you still searching for how to create attractive quiz results pages for your blog? Or typing on google search, which is the WordPress quiz plugin that offers the best optimization feature?

Stop right there my friend and take a deep breath, because we have the solution, or in better words, we are the solution. Quiz and Survey Master is the top charter among the best quiz and survey plugins across the globe. Even the name suggests that this plugin is the “master” of quizzes and surveys.

How to create an attractive quiz results page?

When it comes to creating results pages and optimization of quiz results pages or creating something out of the box, you can always rely on the QSM results page template variables features for the best results.

In this blog, we will talk about everything related to quiz results pages, why are they important and how can you beautify results pages using the QSM plugin.

Key to the blog:

  • What is a results page?
  • Importance of quiz results page
  • How to use QSM to create attractive Results Pages?
  • Final thoughts

What is a Quiz results page?

A quiz can have different components, depending upon the type of quiz you are trying to create and the target audience of the quiz. For example, you are creating a bipolar disorder quiz or a mental health quiz for a certain age group of people, therefore, there has to be a different tally of data and research required to make a perfect quiz.

How to create an attractive quiz results page- What is a quiz results page?

Similarly, this could largely vary according to your genre of the quiz. Even so, there is a routine and all accepted rules when making a quiz. There is a particular way in which a quiz or survey functions. Let us understand through a flowchart.

How to create an attractive quiz results page- What is a quiz results page?

Importance of Results Pages

Now a question might arise, why do we even need results pages? The answer might lie in the way you approach the question itself.

If you are making a quiz to engage more audiences and marketing your products or service through the quiz, this might be the best way to do it. By linking out resources on your result page, you can create a bigger group of an audience as well as reach out to more and more people and hence it would positively impact your venture or blog.

Produces Insights

You can document the insights and reach of your quiz by using an efficient quiz result page design. This is also an indirect method of promotion.

Expands the email list

A quiz result page design that allows visitors to enter their email addresses for email follow-ups or a data list can also help you reach more people. When you use the quiz plugin WordPress QSM to optimize your email marketing, you can get a lot more results.

Enhances brand recognition

The design of an interactive quiz result page can also serve to raise brand recognition. It is critical not to lose sight of the goal while designing. The fundamental agenda and brand value should constantly be maintained. This will ensure that your brand empowerment remains consistent.

How to create an attractive quiz results page- the importance of results page
How to create an attractive quiz results page- the importance of the results page

Increases trustworthiness

Because the quiz result page includes connections to your website, blog, FAQs, reviews, email dialogue box, and other resources, it gives your users a sense of authority and confidence. This is one approach to offer your consumers a bonus bargain.

 Increases the number of conversions

The design of an interactive quiz result page would encourage visitors to take action. It gives users a clear call to action. This allows your users to consider using your services or purchasing your product at the same time

How to use QSM to create attractive results pages?

As we promised to bring to you the best method to create an attractive quiz results page, here we are.

Let us go through the very simple 2 step method of creating a beautiful and interactive quiz results page, which would be simple yet significant for any quiz you make with the quiz and survey master plugin.

In simple words, the two steps to the agenda are:

  1. Create relational data within the quiz
  2. Using template variables, optimize the quiz.

Creating relational data

When you make a quiz on the QSM plugin, you will be asked to enter some points for the answers, or probably choose between the correct and incorrect options. With those options, you could create a relation between the results pages.

For example, you are creating a national anthem survey, and you want to check how many people land up with more than 70% correctness. For that, you can add simple conditional formatting as shown in the picture.

The specific results page would be shown when the condition is fulfilled. Otherwise, you would be shown another result page. This way you can co-relate your points and grade system with your quiz result pages.

In this way, your audience would be able to relate while choosing the options and the quiz results page would be more accurate. Therefore the quiz would find more users and engagement.

Using Template Variables

Unlike creating relational data is a common practice observed in the online quiz-making world, using template variables is exclusive to QSM. The most simple way to understand these template variables is to look at their functioning.

How to create an attractive quiz results page- QSM features
How to create an attractive quiz results page- QSM features

Template variables are basically key-worded codes. Just like HTML tags, these template variables provide you with the said information on the results page.

Now you might think, how are they helpful?

For any quiz, a result page is a mandatory part of the process. It not only shows the users their results for the quiz but also acts as a medium for marketing branches. These branches are the links to other resources. This could link to your marketplace website, link to your bookstore, link to share the quiz, link to share quiz results and the list goes on.

The quiz results page could be modified easily and in no time using the template variables.

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Let us see the function for both of the methods, the use of relational data, and template variables in the example of a love language quiz.

In this, you would be able to observe, that we have chosen a set range of scored points for different results pages. This could get you to demonstrate different options available in the form of numbers.

How to create an attractive quiz results page- QSM features
How to create an attractive quiz results page- QSM features

Similarly, there are different results pages on the quiz. Each of them shows different results including different captions and pictures. On every result page, you are required to link out external resources that could be either your business website or even your food blog or wellness blog.

Bonus: The Logic add-on

Since it is the best plugin that we are talking about here, there definitely has to be something more to it, which gives it an extra edge over other plugins.

The logic add-on is an extension for your QSM quizzes and QSM surveys. As the name suggests, it is a relation-settling tool used to hide or show a particular question according to user inputs for certain values.

How to create an attractive quiz results page- QSM Logic Addon
How to create an attractive quiz results page- QSM Logic Addon

This directly affects the quiz results page, even though it is not a direct component of it. You can set and deeply optimize your results pages based on the add-on features.

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How do I add a quiz to my landing page?

You can embed a quiz to your landing page simply using the QSM embed blocks for your WordPress website. Using the QSM plugin helps you embed a quiz in 6 different ways, which are:
Method 1: By Linking the Quiz Page
Method 2: By Adding Quiz to the Post
Method 3: By Linking through shortcode
Method 4: By adding a PopUp
Method 5: Display Widget on Your Website
Method 6: Using the Gutenberg block

What is the best online quiz maker?

The Quiz and Survey Master plugin for WordPress is the best online quiz maker. It is free to use and you can create endless quizzes and surveys with its free-to-use themes and addons! If you wish to enhance your quizzes you can also purchase premium addons and themes!

How do I create an online quiz for students?

You can follow the given steps to create an online quiz for students:
Step 1: Creating the Quiz Questionnaire
Step 2: Installing the QSM Plugin
Step 3: Creating a Quiz according to subject/topic
Step 4: Publishing the Quiz
Step 5: Restricting Access or leaderboard

Final Thoughts

Concluding this blog, I would like to draw your attention to how QSM surveys and QSM quizzes stand out, just because of their simple, foundation-level, optimizations. You can actually see the difference between a completely optimized quiz segment and a callously drawn quiz segment.

The user engagement differs and thus is the kind of competition you see in the market today, it is all the more essential to find out ways in which you can sell yourself, better than others.

QSM results page designing is a feature rarely seen in WordPress quiz plugins. In this, you have a literal 2-step method to possibly create a really attractive quiz results page design. All you need is some planning and design skills to beautify the results page.

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