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How to boost Marketing Funnels with Surveys? (3 simple steps)

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If you are looking to boost your marketing funnels with surveys, you are just at the right place. Sales surveys are in trend at the moment and we are all here for it! We will talk in length about how it is done and which is the best WordPress survey plugin. (You guessed it right though, it is the QSM plugin!)

But before hopping into it directly, let’s clear up some entangled terminologies.

What is a marketing funnel?

It is an idea or a layout that makes an understanding of the process of turning leads into paying customers. In the simplest way possible, this layout takes a shape of a funnel, as the girth decreases, leads are filtered out and just customers (from leads) are left.

Take an example of your blog, you are writing for your cooking recipes and how to make those delicacies. You create a subscription list or an email list and ask people to join it voluntarily.

There would be many who would just skip that option, but at the same time many would also sign up for that list. You offer those who signed up, for your personal cooking recipe book or personal cooking classes or anything in the same line.

how to boost marketing funnels with surveys- Marketing Funnel
how to boost marketing funnels with surveys- Marketing Funnel

Out of all those who signed up for your list, only a handful would actually buy your product. That handful of the people is actually the ones interested. And that is how my friends, marketing funnels work.

On the other hand, the topic discussion for this blog remains that how can we boost marketing funnels with surveys. To do that, we need to follow up on some steps which we will discuss later.

You can download the QSM survey plugin from the WordPress website. If you are unable to, download it with just one tap.

Why boost your marketing funnels with surveys?

A good question always searches its answers till the end. This is one such question. Surveys are not the most entertaining and can be a task too sometimes, but still, why do we insist on boosting our marketing funnels with surveys? There can be innumerable answers, but what my point of view is, There is nothing more engaging than a question being asked to test your knowledge.

how to boost marketing funnels with surveys- steps in Marketing Funnel
how to boost marketing funnels with surveys- steps in Marketing Funnel

In other words, if I tell you to buy my cooking recipe books or take my lectures, would you want to do that? Most probably, no. But if I question your cooking skills and then you realize that you require cooking lessons or maybe you can learn something more than basic from me, then you would buy what I have to sell.

This is how this whole thing is set up. Using sales surveys or boosting your marketing funnel with surveys is basically a fool-proof method to gain traffic and generate leads.

Find the list of reasons so as to why to boost your marketing funnels with surveys:

  • It makes documentation easier
  • Surveys make people think out of the box
  • It increases engagement
  • It helps in generating organic traffic

If you are struggling with WordPress and the optimization of your website, you should definitely check out some cool tips and tricks.

How to boost marketing funnels with surveys?

Now, boosting your marketing funnels with surveys could be easy and difficult. I apologize to confuse you, but that is the truth. You never know what is going to happen with your venture till the time you take that one big step, isn’t it?

So, boosting your marketing funnels with surveys comes with its own terms and conditions. In the meantime, your leads generate, you may find yourself unoccupied or de-motivated, however, all of it pays off sooner or later.

Step 1: Plan out the Survey

Surveys are a type of questionnaire and we are here, using a questionnaire to draw leads and generate traffic. You should be in touch with your purpose of conducting this survey at every point in time.

How to boost marketing funnels with surveys- Plan out the Survey

If you realize, people hardly, volunteer for surveys, even so, this is in your hand, if that survey is loved or lost. Focusing on various aspects of a survey, from the beginning helps in the proper functioning of the former.

You can devise a proper hierarchal order of the steps involved, starting from the step where the user opts to take your survey to the point at which it becomes your customer.

You should be vigilant of what number and quality of leads are being generated. More than that, it is better to make things easier for the user as well as yourself, so keep it simple, in whatever you decide to put through your survey.

Step 2: Set up of Survey

After your survey is planned, you should make your survey set up. This basically means, divide what information goes where. At what point you would like the user to get access to your email subscription, your product, service, and likewise.

How to boost marketing funnels with surveys- Set up of the Survey
How to boost marketing funnels with surveys- Set up of the Survey

There has to be a proper hierarchy when it comes to the distribution of data over various pages. When someone is surfing through social media or the internet, they may come across your survey. When you post your surveys, add hashtags that are related to the topic of your survey, that is how you can get more organic traffic.

After it is done, your results page is the next area of attention. It is essential for the results page to have outsourced links to your service or product or maybe just your email list for the survey-takers to sign up on.

This is the point where you can begin with your marketing, email, and social media marketing. Even though people do not tend to read emails regularly. They will definitely come back in need. Here, consistency is the key.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to let your leads understand your functioning and how they can be benefitted from it. Your survey-takers are from myriad backgrounds and likewise may have various results. But when you try marketing funnels with surveys, you must be able to direct all the types of results towards your product/service.

Step 3: Publishing the Survey

Once the survey and its linked pages seem complete from your end, you have to publish the survey.

But before that, try a simple and most-advised exercise, take the survey or go through the process of the survey as a user or a customer to analyze how the survey poses to your users.

How to boost marketing funnels with surveys- Publishing the Survey
How to boost marketing funnels with surveys- Publishing the Survey

Publishing the survey will not solely derive enormous traffic. You have to be active on your website and post almost regularly to be on the good side of the internet and be seen.

If you are actively using the QSM plugin for your surveys and quizzes making an email marketing setup would be a piece of cake. Even if you are a beginner, it would just sit well with you. It will be guided access to the world of surveys and how it actually works.

Final Thoughts

Working on marketing funnels with surveys would become hectic if not carried out in an organized manner. In fact, it could even result in the opposite of what you were expecting if the funnel’s hierarchy breaks down. To prevent any of that, you just have to simply maintain a tuning between the schedule of email and marketing along with the engagement. Let us know what is on your mind after learning about it.

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