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Using Math symbols in questions

In our plugin, you can use LaTeX to create math questions in a web page environment. Our plugin fully supports LaTeX. This format can be used in the Add Question or Edit Question text areas. It can be used with or without other text.

There are many kinds of math questions that can be used such as fractions, exponents, and square roots. There can also be more advanced math such as powers and indices.


There are many key symbols that are used when creating Math with LaTeX. For the equations, symbols & formulas to display ideally you need to enclose the math equation with a $ dollar sign. For inline formulas, enclose the formula in $…$. For displayed formulas, use $$…$$

  • \frac  –  This is used to create fractions. For example,

$\frac{x+y}{y-z}$ =     

  • \sqrt –  This is used to make square roots. For example,

$\sqrt\frac{a}{b}$   =   

sqrt - latex -QSM
  • \left and \right  – This is used to create the brackets surrounding the fraction below. For example,

$\left(\frac{x^2}{y^3}\right)$   =     

  • ^  –  This is used when wanting to use powers or raise an equation up to show powers. For example,

$x^{2n}$  =   

powers latex QSM
  • _   – The underscore is used when you want to use indices or to lower something. For example,

$n_i$  =   

underscore latex QSM


So, this equation:  $c_a^b\sqrt[n]{ab}$ equals what is in the equation below.

square root

Here is an example of another question:

This math question:    $$k_{n+1} = n^2 + k_n^2 – k_{n-1}$$ equals


Following are some good sources of examples to help put together math questions and more uses of LaTeX

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