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Account Management

Every customer who purchases individual add-ons, themes, or bundles is automatically registered and signed up for an account with QSM. Your account gets created with the details (Name and Email) you enter while purchasing our products. This document will help you understand how you can download the products after a successful purchase, manage your subscriptions, and manage and renew your licenses.

Manage Your Purchases

To manage and download your purchased products from QSM, navigate to the QSM’s account section. In the login screen enter the email and password you used while purchasing the products. If you can’t remember your password go ahead and do a quick password reset, a confirmation email will be sent to your registered email with a reset link. Click on the reset link in the email and set your new password.

View Downloads - QSM Account Management

Once inside your account, you will find the following 3 sections

  • Active Auto-Renewals – here you will see your active subscriptions
  • Your Purchases – here you will see a list of all the products that you’ve purchased to date
  • Your Profile – here you will find the profile details that you’ve set while creating the account, you can change these at any time.

Since, we want to download our purchased products, go to “Your Purchases” and click the View Details and Downloads link that can be found beside the date and amount of the purchases. Click the preferred download to view. On-click you will a similar page that you saw at the time of the product page. A Purchase Confirmation page opens with all the Purchase details.

download product - QSM Account Management

Scroll down to the Products section, here you will find the product name, the price you paid for the purchase, and the product link. Click on the product link and the product gets downloaded to your system.

Manage Licenses – Renew Licenses & Manage Sites

To Manage your license follow these steps:

  1. Go to the “Your Purchases” section inside your QSM Account.
  2. Click on the “View Licenses” under the “License Keys” column. This opens up a window with all your license details like the Item name, License Key, License Status, Number of Activations, Expiration, Sites using the License, and the option to upgrade.
  3. To view your license key for a particular product click on the ‘key’ icon this will show you the key. To renew an expired license, click on “Renew License”, this will take you to the checkout where you can make the payment
View License - QSM Account Management
Renew License - QSM Account Management
Renew Payment - QSM Account Management

To manage the sites that are using the licenses click on Manage Sites, this opens up a page with the Site URL and the Actions to Revoke/Approve the sites using that license.

Manage Subscriptions

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