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Best WordPress Themes and Plugins for 2024

Start your WordPress journey with the best set of WordPress themes and plugins! Indeed this year we saw some exceptionally well themes, however, there is always a silver lining as we transition from one year to another.

You can revamp your website with the best WordPress themes and plugins of 2024. So let us dive into all about theme plugins WordPress has to offer for the next year.

Best WordPress Plugins of 2024

1. Quiz and Survey Master

Best WordPress Themes and Plugins – Quiz and Survey Master

It is the best Quiz and Survey Plugin on the market. You can easily make any type of quiz, whether official, formal, or casual. It uses template variables and integrated customization to give the best result page design. Other than that, the quizzes/surveys and their results are extensively documented for better management.

Features of Quiz and Survey Master Plugin are:

  • Trusted across the globe and by leading brands
  • Easy-to-understand algorithm
  • Various standard features are available for free also
  • Best add-ons to make the quiz/survey procedure easier
  • Great optimization can be done to generate leads

2. Responsive Menu

Best WordPress Themes and Plugins – Responsive Menu

If you have a WordPress website, then you must know how important it is to have an optimized menu that keeps your website ready for mobile screens as well. Using the responsive menu you can convert your current theme menu into a fully responsive and compliant responsive design in seconds.

It is popular among the best WordPress plugins.

Features of the Responsive Menu are:

  • Take control and custom design your menu
  • Accessible on mobile, laptops, tablet devices
  • You can disable background scrolling
  • W3C compliance
  • Fully documented
  • A most trustworthy responsive menu

3. CSS Hero

Best WordPress Themes and Plugins – CSS Hero

The CSS Hero plugin is a visual editing plugin for CSS. You can customize themes and the whole website according to your will without the need for coding. It automatically generates CSS codes for every change and customization.

Features of CSS Hero Plugin are:

  • Very lightweight plugin
  • Fun to use with various features
  • No coding knowledge is required
  • Live WordPress editing can be done
  • Website and themes both can be edited

4. Advanced Ads

Best WordPress Themes and Plugins for 2023- Adv Ads
Best WordPress Themes and Plugins – Adv Ads

Advanced Ads is a complete ad management plugin for WordPress designed for website owners looking for a robust solution for automating ad placement, targeting, and optimization. Its feature-rich toolkit makes it valuable to any website’s arsenal.

Key features of the Advanced Ads plugin:

  • Easy and intuitive management
  • Advanced targeting of user and content
  • Top-notch features like click fraud protection, lazy loading, ad refresh, frequency capping, parallax ads
  • Various integrations with many other plugins
  • Super experienced support team

5. WP Forms

Best WordPress Themes and Plugins for 2023- WP Forms
Best WordPress Themes and Plugins – WP Forms

WP Form is a time-saving mobile-friendly plugin. This is a drag-and-drop contact builder form plugin. Using this you can save your time by using templates. You can also create a template of your own. It is one of the best WordPress themes and plugins.

Features of the WP Forms plugin are:

  • Time-saving plugin
  • Various templates to choose from
  • Instant notification delivery
  • Easy payment methods and management
  • Add-ons can help optimize the website more
  • Some add-ons are- MailChimp, Signature, Stripe add-on, etc

6. MemberPress

Best WordPress Themes and Plugins for 2023- MemberPress
Best WordPress Themes and Plugins – MemberPress

If you are looking out to create a website that allows access to memberships, this is the best WordPress plugin in the town. With the MemberPress plugin, you can even set up the whole website!

Features of MemberPress:

  • The process becomes very simple and smooth
  • Easy to track membership subscriptions
  • Leverage all features of WordPress plugins and other third-party sites
  • Goes along with the already existing WordPress website also

Best WordPress Themes for 2024

1. Exponent Themes

Best WordPress Themes and Plugins – Exponent Themes

Exponent is a WordPress business theme and is used to deliver the best-in-line quality of images. It has a beautiful visual appeal and offers high-performance themes. You can get fully SEO-optimized themes within some clicks. In fact, it allows you to work on high-quality demo themes as templates.

Features of Exponent themes are:

  • High-quality demos
  • SEO optimized
  • Workable on the demos as templates
  • New updates with unique features every time
  • Fully visual interface
  • Beautiful visual appeal

2. Oshine Themes

Best WordPress Themes and Plugins – Oshine Themes

Oshine is a powerful yet creative theme that is one of the most popular among all. It has one of the highest ratings on the ThemeForest website and is loved by customers. It has the best customer support among the WordPress themes and plugins list.

Features of Oshine themes are:

  • Beautiful qualities of demos
  • Highly-optimized SEO
  • Time-saving themes and templates
  • Best customer support for the users
  • The Digital Agency demo is professionally designed and can be used as a template

3. Elegant Themes

Best WordPress Themes and Plugins for 2023- Elegant Themes
Best WordPress Themes and Plugins – Elegant Themes

Made from two powerful themes, Dvi and Extra, Elegant themes provide high-quality samples and themes. Divi is the most popular of the themes offered and is usually referred to as the Super Theme. It offers 100+ full website packs and 800+ presets of designs.

Features of Elegant themes are:

  • High-quality demos
  • Drag and drop visual page builder
  • Fully responsive themes
  • Demos can be used as templates are importing
  • Easy to customize designs

4. StudioPress Themes


StudioPress themes come under the Genesis themes. They are built on the world-class framework of Genesis. They have smooth functioning. Themes are created on the open-source Genesis framework. If you want the get the best of the StudioPress themes, you should consider purchasing a Genesis Pro subscription.

Features of StudioPress Themes are:

  • All-in-one suite of Block-based content
  • You can create awesome food blogs
  • Full SEO optimization of themes
  • Keeps your blog secure
  • Offers visually appealing themes

5. Superb Themes

Best WordPress Themes and Plugins of 2023- Superb Themes
Best WordPress Themes and Plugins – Superb Themes

Superb themes are marketing themes that are designed professionally for professionals. These themes are responsive and can give you good SEO optimization. It is one of the best WordPress themes and plugins when it comes to making a professional website.

Features of Superb Themes are:

  • Custom header logo designer
  • Fully SEO optimized
  • The recent posts widget is available
  • Multiple website support
  • Compatible with Elementor interface
  • Easy Google Fonts application

6. Themeisle Themes

Best WordPress Themes and Plugins for 2023- Themeisle Themes
Best WordPress Themes and Plugins – Themeisle Themes

Ever heard of the Neve theme or the Hestia theme? Themeisle has produced those two themes. They both are quite popular among users of WordPress. The themes from Themeisle are very responsive and SEO Friendly. It is compatible with Tatsu and Elementor Page builder.

Features of Themeisle Themes are:

  • Lightweight themes
  • Easily customizable features
  • Pro design of layout and customizable controls
  • High-functioning samples
  • Super-fast themes, load in one second

7. Themify


Some of the most popular WordPress themes and plugins are from Themify. It offers more than 40 themes and over 10 plugins. Other than that it offers 22+ page builder add-ons for your WordPress customizations. If you are a designer or a developer, this is the best for you!

Features of Themify are:

  • Offers both WordPress themes and plugins.
  • Some themes are- Ultra (most popular), Parallax, Landing, Full Pane
  • Fully responsive and easily customizable controls
  • Fully SEO-optimized features
  • It offers various pre-built website samples in different types of designs

8. Template Monster

Best WordPress Themes and Plugins for 2023- Template Monster
Best WordPress Themes and Plugins – Template Monster

Template monster themes are one of the best among the wp themes and plugins because of their high-quality graphics. Not only that, this is compatible with the Elementor page builder as well!

Features of Template Monster themes are:

  • It has a user-friendly wizard
  • It offers a professional customer support
  • Comprehensive documentation makes it better than other template-oriented themes
  • Themes are updated regularly
  • It has a drag-and-drop page builder

Best Builders of 2024

After learning about WordPress themes and plugins for 2024, you must be running to find out about the best Builders of 2024. But don’t worry, we got you covered! Some of the best Builders to look out for are:

1. Elementor

Best WordPress Themes and Plugins for 2023- Elementor
Best WordPress Themes and Plugins – Elementor

Elementor is one of the most popular website page builders for WordPress. It is a drag-and-drop builder which makes it extremely easy to use.

It is loved across the globe for its easy-to-understand language. You can go from a flop-show to a pro if you use Elementor page builder. It is smooth and flexible along with some high-quality templates. It has high-performance demos for the users as well. You can use it for e-commerce to blog, and everything in between

2. SeedProd

Best WordPress Themes and Plugins for 2023- SeedProd
Best WordPress Themes and Plugins – SeedProd

SeedProd is one of the best WordPress landing page builders. It has been installed by over 1 million users. The landing pages can be made for e-commerce, business, and services.

It is a drag-and-drop page builder, which makes it even easier to use. It does not require any prior experience in coding as well. It also offers land page-specific parts. It helps in lead generation.

If you are looking to make an e-commerce website, this is a good choice for you. It offers 100+ templates as well.

3. BeaverBuild

Best WordPress Themes and Plugins for 2023- BeaverBuilder
Best WordPress Themes and Plugins – BeaverBuilder

BeaverBuild is a web page builder for WordPress which is very famous. It is compatible with WordPress themes and plugins and helps in full-page designing. It is smooth and flexible and also very easy to work on. It gives the option to install some of its own plugins and inbuilt themes also, which is up to your will.

It also helps in designing fully responsive pages for websites. Other than that, BeaverThemes add-ons are also available. It offers ‘AssistantPro’ and it is an excellent tool for a completely responsive website.


1. Can you make quizzes on WordPress?

Yes, you can make quizzes on WordPress. To create quizzes on WordPress you would need a WordPress quiz plugin. A free quiz maker plugin is Quiz and Survey Master which serves you the best in-line features and addons.

2. How do I add a quiz plugin to WordPress?

To add a quiz plugin to WordPress you need to download it from the WordPress plugin store and install it. The next step is to activate the quiz plugin and you are ready to create quizzes!

3. What is a quiz plugin?

A quiz plugin is used to create quizzes on WordPress websites. The best quiz plugin is no doubt the Quiz and Survey Master plugin. You can create quizzes and engage traffic using the QSM quiz plugin!


These were some best of the premium WordPress themes and plugins for 2024. We will look out for all of these and how they perform in the coming year. Which theme or plugin would you incorporate into your website this year, let us know in the comment section!

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