10+ Best Full Site Editing Themes for WordPress

Are you seeking one of the best full-site editing themes for your WordPress website? Want to revolutionize complete management and control options? If yes, this is the right article for you! 

WordPress full site editing themes, also known as block-based themes or WordPress FSE themes. 

These themes are here to stay, whether we believe it or not. Want to know the reason? Full Site Editing Themes for WordPress were introduced in WordPress version 5.8. It aims to transform the creation and customization of your website. 

Using a full site editing theme, users can visually edit their entire website. 

Make changes like adjusting typography, choosing colors, styling the elements, customizing the header and footer easily, and more. You can also create and arrange content sections. 

We are sure you’re also thinking about getting one of the most popular Full Site Editing Themes. Let’s dive a little deeper and get started to choose the most suitable theme for your website! 

Full Site Editing Themes for WordPress

Our writers and research team have tested and tried different Full Site Editing Themes. After careful consideration, we’ve come up with this list.

These full-site editing WordPress block themes are not only famous but also affordable. In fact, most of them are free of cost. You can try the hands-on demo for these themes from the WordPress website.

Let’s get started!

1. Gutena

With contemporary block designs built-in, Gutena is a free block theme for WordPress. It has a tonne of lovely design components that are suitable for many different usage scenarios. 

Use this theme to build your website on the FSE philosophy and use blocks in the most convenient way. This theme is a perfect choice to get started with the “Block Future” 

It’s incredibly simple to utilize Gutena! All you need to do is import a pre-built sample using our partner plugin, Gutena Kit. Or use completely constructed block patterns. The straightforward and adhering block standards makes our customers adore us.

The best part about using this theme is that its developers made the updates as per the needs of its customers. Also, as per the current market trends and requirements.

Your website will be up to date! Eventually, it will attract more customers, visitors, and viewers which will be profitable for your business. 

Key Features of Gutena : 

  • Fully responsive and retina ready
  • Fully Block Based & customizable
  • Comes with pre-built block patterns
  • SEO optimized with an assured score of 95
  • Easy one-click demo imports

Verdict: The theme assures you with a performance website that has a score of 95 and above on core web vitals for speed.

Top WordPress Plugins of Gutena FSE Theme

Let’s look into some of the best plugins that work amazingly well. Moreover, they’ll help you enhance your website.

  • Gutena Forms: Gutena Form is an amazing Contact Forms plugin that enables you to create amazing forms in WordPress Block Editor.
  • Gutena Recent Post Custom Tag: Gutena Recent Post Custom Tag is a plugin that enables you to add a custom tag to your recent posts. Not only that you can add a custom tag on must-read, featured posts, hot, top new popular, and much more without any hassle.
  • Gutena Newsletter: Gutena Newsletter is a responsive subscribe block and connect Mailchimp plugin. It lets you add an amazing Newsletter block to your website’s posts and pages.
  • Gutena Accordion: Gutena Accordion is an amazing Professional WordPress plugin. Make a responsive collapsible FAQ section easily inside the block editor using it.
  • Gutena Tabs: Gutena Tabs is one of the most simple plugins that let you add tabs to optimize categories in the website content.


2. GeneratePress

What are Full Site Editing themes- GeneratePress
What are Full Site Editing themes- GeneratePress

If you go through the Full Site Editing Themes list, GeneratePress is the one you will get to see enlisted! 

Why wouldn’t it? Its free version has 5 stars rating and 500,000+ active installations! Wanna know a secret? To utilize this block theme, you should instead install the GenerateBlocks plugin (from the same developer).

With this theme and the GenerateBlocks plugin, you can create any form of layout. Not only that, but you can also modify any part of your website. 

If you’re a user who uses page builders, this theme is the right one for you! Why? This theme is perfectly compatible with major page builders including Beaver Builder and Elementor! 

Key Features of GeneratePress: 

  • Fully responsive in nature
  • Translated into over 25 languages
  • Includes 60+ color controls
  • Powerful and dynamic typography 
  • 5 navigation locations

Verdict: This FSE theme’s prime focus is on speed and usability. Performance is what matters! No wonder, the GeneratePress install adds less than 10kb to your page size. 

2. BlockBase

Automattic’s Blockbase is one of the experimental Full Site Editing themes. The Site Editor tab appears once this theme is activated, and opens the full-site editor.

The Gutenberg editor can be used to edit a variety of templates. Some of them include the Index template, Front Page template, Singular template, 404-page template, and Search page template.

By modifying the Singular template, you can change the entire layout of the post or page. Post Title, Post Content, Post Author, Post Date, and other dynamic aspects are useful to experiment with!

What are Full Site Editing themes- BlockBase
What are Full Site Editing themes- BlockBase

The best part is that you may customize your pages by adding pre-defined block patterns.

Blockbase also allows users to add Template Parts to their content, such as a header, footer, or sidebar, and store their custom template parts. Consider template elements such as sections or patterns that can be utilized several times.

Key Features of Blockbase: 

  • Includes block editor patterns
  • Provides custom colors, logo, and menu
  • Supports RTL language
  • Manipulated through global styles
  • 4.5 out of 5 stars rating

Verdict: If you’re thinking of building something beautiful using global styles. Blockbase is the one for you! 

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3. Naledi

What are Full Site Editing themes- Naledi
What are Full Site Editing themes- Naledi

Anariel Design’s Naledi is another WordPress block theme with full-site modification capabilities. It functions in the same way as Blockbase, with the exception that it has a few extra templates to play with. 

This is one of the Gutenberg FSE themes, as we call them popularly. These themes are sturdy and stable with the Gutenberg plugin.

Furthermore, the default homepage template is well-designed, and you should have more fun modifying the theme template.

Despite being a new theme, it will definitely tend to cover the market customers one day! How can we say so? Its features and functionality actually make it stand out. 

Also, it can be suitable for both WordPress professionals and beginners. Its SEO-friendly nature will help you rank at the top of different search engines. 

Key Features of Naledi: 

  • Clean and simple design
  • Designed for blog and personal websites
  • Provides a set of templates
  • Amazing design settings option
  • Global styles 

Verdict: This theme is suitable for a lot of users. But, it is more suitable for blog and personal website owners. 

4. Tove

Anders Noren, a well-known designer, created Tove, a lovely WordPress block theme. It is suitable for both WordPress beginners and professionals. 

Although it was created with restaurants and coffee shops in mind, you may easily adapt the theme to your specific needs. Of course, you can utilize Tove for any type of website you wish.

You may change the appearance of your header and footer, and create completely new page templates. 

Also, structure your blog archive and blog entries, and much more with Full Site Editing. Tove is designed to make everything as simple, enjoyable, and productive as possible.

This theme was created with restaurants and cafes in mind, featuring templates for restaurant menus, opening hours information, and calls to action for booking a table, among other things. 

Key Features of Tove: 

  • Amazing layout features
  • 6 different header designs
  • 404 block patterns
  • 7 different footer designs
  • 24/7 professional support

Verdict: This theme is specially designed for cafes and restaurants. But its layout makes it easily adaptable to any type of website. 

What are Full Site Editing themes- Tove
What are Full Site Editing themes- Tove

5. Armando

For blogs or sports teams, Armando is an amazing and experimental full-site editing theme. Gutenberg version 10.6 or newer is required for this theme.

 Site headers, site footers, and page layouts are all included in Armando’s block styles and block patterns.

The concept isn’t really artistically appealing. It’s straightforward. It’s a simple blogging theme that highlights every aspect of the Gutenberg team’s progress toward the new block-based design system.

The theme is a good place to start for theme authors who haven’t dabbled in block-based theme creation yet. 

It’s also suitable for end-users who want to try out Full Site Editing in its current version. Also, its SEO-friendly nature will help your website rank at the top of different search engines. 

Key Features of Armando: 

  • Multiple block styles
  • Block editor styles
  • Renovate the site through amazing customization options
  • Provide amazing block patterns
  • SEO friendly

Verdict: This is one of the best full site editing themes for blogs or sports teams.

What are Full Site Editing themes- Armando
What are Full Site Editing themes- Armando

6. Kiyono

Kiyono is a simple blog theme with five block patterns and a blank template. This theme is perfect for those users who want to try out WordPress’s new Full Site Editing feature. 

It is a responsive and Gutenberg-ready theme that is also fully accessible. So, create and design your WordPress website the way you want! 

The theme aids in the development of inclusive websites and the enhancement of the user experience for persons who use assistive technologies.

Are you one of those users who rely on assistive technologies? If yes, this theme enables you to create an inclusive website. 

What are Full Site Editing themes- Kiyono
What are Full Site Editing themes- Kiyono

All in all, this theme also improves user experience. So, be ready to handle a lot of traffic to your website on a daily basis. 

Key Features of Kiyono: 

  • Accessibility ready theme
  • Block editor patterns
  • Custom background, logo, and menu 
  • Translation ready
  • Suitable for all kinds of users

Verdict: If you’re a blogger looking for one of the best Full Site Editing themes. We got you, Kiyono is the one for you! 

7. TT1 Blocks

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, there’s no way you have not heard about TT1 or Twenty Twenty block themes. 

Twenty Twenty Blocks are the most common theme and sort of default to a WordPress website. There’s nothing compared to its features and functionalities. 

TT1 Blocks are actually an experimental block-based version of the Twenty Twenty-One theme. 

It’s designed to take advantage of the Gutenberg plugin’s full-site editing capabilities. This theme isn’t meant to be used on a live website.

However, you always need to consider that, this this theme is not meant to be used on a production site. Or else, it’s for anyone and everyone! 

Key Features of TT1 Blocks: 

  • Supports RTL language
  • Sticky post option
  • Editor style
  • Amazing support team
  • SEO friendly

Verdict: This theme is an experimental block-based version of the Twenty Twenty-One theme. Make sure to check out the amazing features and enhance your website! 

What are Full Site Editing themes- TT1 Blocks
What are Full Site Editing themes- TT1 Blocks

8. Hansen

Hansen, a UXL Themes project, is one of the most elegant projects. This theme can function perfectly with the Gutenberg plugin’s site editor. 

The author of the theme took it a step further by including different block patterns. Also, it includes two and three-column layouts for displaying the most recent content. 

This amazing Full Site Editing theme is much more than just a collection of designs. The overall appearance of the theme is also rather appealing.

 It has a little more oomph than some of the other block-based efforts we have ever seen.

The majority of the patterns we’ve seen so far have been designed particularly for post or page content. 

What are Full Site Editing themes- Hansen Theme
What are Full Site Editing themes- Hansen Theme

The Hansen theme expands on this concept by creating patterns for various site sections. Due to its suitability, it is suitable for all WordPress users, whether they are a beginner or a professional. 

Key Features of Hansen: 

  • Block editor pattern and styles
  • Compatible with eCommerce
  • Provides grid layout
  • Includes amazing wide blocks
  • Translation ready

Verdict: Not only the website but even the page content and the entire site layout is built with blocks. 

9. Clove

Clove is a WordPress theme for artists that is simple and versatile. Its simplicity makes it suitable for beginners. 

Its pastel color setup will enable you to relate to users in a minimal yet engaging way. This theme is primarily influenced by nature and features lovely, vintage graphics. 

It is a WordPress theme for full-site editing that includes a set of templates and design options that may be tweaked using Global Styles.

You can create your website your own way by creating templates from scratch. Moreover, if you like the existing ones, simply modify and edit them as per your requirements. 

Its code-free nature will enable you to create a complete website without a single line of coding. Despite being a free theme, it has all premium-like features and functionalities. Get premium services for free! 

What are Full Site Editing themes- Clove Theme
What is Full Site Editing themes – Clove Theme

Key Features of Clove: 

  • Amazing block editor patterns
  • RTL language support
  • Simple and versatile
  • Visually appealing graphics and layout
  • Retro illustrations

Verdict: Clove is designed for all those artists who adore retro illustrations and want to connect with nature-like themes. 

10. Ona

Ona is an amazing minimalist WordPress theme with full site editing capabilities. It comes with a number of pre-programmed block designs.

Due to its amazing functionality, it is trusted and used by 4,000+ active users. Moreover, this theme is updated frequently as per the user requirements. 

Colors and fonts can be easily customized using global options. This theme is ideal for websites that need to load quickly and have an immediate impact on Core Web Vital’s performance.

To utilize Ona before WordPress 5.9 is available, you must have the Gutenberg plugin installed (version 11.7 or higher).

This theme consists of 13 custom child themes. Among them, 5 of them are available for free. Also, you can reach out to the professional support team, if you need any kind of help. 

Key Features of Ona: 

  • Amazing pre-made elements
  • Core web vital performance
  • Minimal design style
  • Provides header and footer builder
  • Speed optimized 

Verdict: Concerned about your website performance? Don’t you worry! This theme is perfect for fast-optimized websites that have an instant impact On Core Web Vitals performance.

What are Full Site Editing themes - ONA Theme
What is Full Site Editing themes – ONA Theme

Wrapping Up

Here we come to the end of our 10+ Best Full Site Editing Theme for WordPress

Don’t just go after reviews and ratings. Instead, list down all the features and functionalities that you need for your WordPress website. Then, you can make a choice accordingly. 

If you were to take our suggestions, we suggest you try Gutena! Why? This theme is a perfect FSE theme built for speed and functionality. 

As time goes by, you need different features! It is when Gutena is best as this theme provides its users with multiple free WordPress plugins to enhance the overall feature availability. 

We hope this article helped you to a certain extent! 

Also, if you have used any of these themes before, feel free to share your user experience with us in the comments section below. 

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