Product Update: Here’s What’s New In January

Due to a variety of different reasons, I didn’t make quite as much progress in 2016 as I was hoping to. So, I wanted to start making a lot more progress this year and started January off right with introducing two new addons, 4 updates to existing addons, and two issues closed in the core plugin.

As always, thanks for all of your feedback, suggestions, and support! These changes were based on feedback from users like you. Keep them coming!

New Export & Import Addon

One of the most requested features for quite some time was a way to export quizzes from one site to be imported into another site. Unfortunately, how the data was structured, it was very difficult to get this just right.

I am thrilled to finally have this feature built. The new Export & Import Addon allows you to export your quizzes and questions from your site and import them into another site. This is extremely useful for users who develop their sites on a development site and want to migrate their data to their live site.

New Summary Emails Addon

Back in November, I sent out a preview email regarding a new addon that would allow users to receive a summary email of the results from all the submissions of their quiz over the day or week.

Our new Summary Emails Addon allows you to set up an admin email that will include a summary of all of the results over a set period of time. This is great for times where you have quite of few users submitting the quiz each day which makes receiving individual emails too much but you still want emails about the results.

I use this feature for a variety of our surveys including our post-sale survey to be able to keep track of answers provided but not be bombarded by individual emails each time a user submits a survey.

Update To Reporting & Analysis Addon

One of our most used addons is our Reporting & Analysis Addon so I have been working on a large update for quite some time and I am happy to have it now available.

I added two new ways to display results to a question. Question Score allows you to see the average score earned for a question. This is very useful when trying to see which questions most users answered incorrectly. Individual allows you to scroll through all the answers provided for a question.

I also updated the export CSV feature to add in the question’s category and the points earned for each individual question. I renamed some of the columns to make it a little easier to understand.

Update to Drip Addon

Many users have asked about using the Drip Addon to send over the user’s name, business, and phone number fields. I am happy to announce that our latest update to the addon now passes all of the contact field data!

Bug Fixes in Daily Limit and Aweber

I released minor updates for Daily Limit and Aweber Integration to fix a couple of bugs that some users were encountering.

QSM 4.7.10

Lastly, I released version 4.7.10 of the core plugin which fixed a bug with the question editor and improved our localization functions and strings.

Coming up in February

This month is the month that I plan on releasing our big 5.0 update. I am really excited about this update and have been working on it for quite some time. I’ll be sending more information out about this release in the next couple of weeks.

Our Extra Template Variables and Slack Integration addons are both scheduled to receive minor updates to fix some minor bugs and update to our newer licensing system.

We are also working on a newer version of our documentation with a newer design, easier to use interface, and even a search!

Final Thoughts

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