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Limiting total quiz attempts (Limit Total Entries)

There are times when you will want to limit the number of entries for the quiz. For example, you can set the quiz to only be available for 50 entries. To set this up, begin by editing your quiz.

Limiting total quiz attempts - QSM

Then, navigate to the Options tab. Change the “Limit Entries” option, meaning how many total entries can this quiz have, to the number of entries you would like the quiz to have.

Limiting total quiz attempts-Text Tab - QSM

Next, go to the Text tab. Edit the “Message Displayed If The Limit Of Total Entries Has Been Reached” to change the text that is shown to the user who goes to this quiz after the number of entries has been reached.

Now, if you reach the entry limit and a user tries to access the quiz, the user will be shown that text instead of the quiz.

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