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7 Benefits of WordPress Survey Plugin on Modern Business Sites

Want to know the 7 Benefits of WordPress Survey Plugin on Modern Business Sites? In this article, we have discussed seven benefits of using WordPress Survey Plugin that will make you have it on your Business website and grow your business.

Plugins are a great way of extending the functionality of your WordPress website. They are a piece of software containing a group of functions added to a WordPress website. You can find a plugin for almost any functionality you may think of adding to your site.

It can be a Gallery Plugin, Security Plugin, Contact Form Plugin, SEO Plugin, etc. There are thousands of plugins available Free and Paid according to the features/functions/services they offer.

The official WordPress plugin directory has about 58036 plugins and the number keeps on increasing as more and more plugins are released for the public. There are also tons of commercial plugins that are available from third-party vendors/developers.

One of the main reasons for using plugins is that they are easy to use. You just need to click some buttons to install and update them. Also, they are easy to maintain and well within your control. This feature of WordPress Plugins makes people use WordPress as their preferred CMS.

Why use WordPress Survey Plugins?

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Why do people use WordPress Survey Plugin? It is because it is a very difficult and time-consuming process to build this kind of functionality on your WordPress site. You need to invest a lot of money and effort to get it completed within the stipulated time.

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This is because adding such a feature onto your site without the help of a plugin means you will have to code the feature from scratch and may need to hire a WordPress Expert to get it done quickly. This implies you will have to shell out more money, which can be done for free or with very little money.

Some of the amazing uses of WordPress Survey Plugins are:

  • Easy to Use – The Plugins are easy to use and work just like any other desktop 0r mobile app. So, it doesn’t matter if you are a complete novice or an expert you will find your way out and learn more things as you use them.
  • Data Visualization – Plugins like Quiz and Survey Master offer Reporting and Analysis Features in the form of an addon to visualize the collected survey data in the form of a Pie Chart, Bar Chart, Word Count Chart, and Box Plot Chart. This way it becomes simple to understand the data quickly.
  • Data Security – The data you collect is stored and confined within your WordPress website. This way only the user’s who have the required privileges and roles can only access the data hence it is safe to use and secure.
  • Data Exporting – With WordPress Plugins you can easily transfer the collected data to your team for further processing.
  • User Engagement – When you build surveys asking your visitors to participate and indulge in sharing their inputs improves engagement and creates a good image of your brand.

7 Benefits of using WordPress Survey Plugin on Modern WordPress Sites

Having a WordPress Survey Plugin is always beneficial especially for a growing online business to generate maximum user engagement and introducing your business to maximum online visitors.

Below are the Top 7 Benefits of using WordPress Survey Plugin:

#1 Understanding your Market Better

Surveys are a great tool for researching the market and knowing your audience better.

It can help get crucial information like requirements, product improvement, better service, learn what your audience feels about your competitors, improve website design, plan sales and marketing strategies for maximum impact, and much more.

Given this information, you can plan well and try to please your customers with better service and products and try to save angry customers by improving customer service.

#2 Pay Less, Do More!

WordPress Survey Plugin like the quiz and survey master offer to use all the features in the base plugin for free. This way you can continue to use the plugin without worrying much about the number of participants or storing user responses.

Most of the WordPress Survey Plugins are less expensive than services offered by the market leaders that charge you way too high and cap the number of responses, limit the number of users and number of attempts one can have that changes according to the plan you choose.

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This is not the case with WordPress Survey Plugin especially the Quiz and Survey Master plugin you get 100+ customization options and full freedom to build a survey according to your needs.

#3 Super Easy to Use

The Survey Plugins are easy to use both for the respondents and you. Surveys are easy to create as the user just need to follow the steps like

  • adding questions and answers
  • building the pre-survey form
  • configuring the survey
  • setting up the results page

The plugin is easy to operate and you can build an amazing survey within minutes of installing the plugin. Also, the audience taking the survey will enjoy their time as they are free to take it anytime they want. Even if they leave midway they can continue afterward as the previously answered data will be saved.

#4 Multipurpose

Most of the survey plugins are multipurpose offering an array of question-answer types of forms for building Quizzes, Questionnaires, Online Exams, Assessment Tests, Viral Quizzes, Surveys, Polls, and much more.

This makes the plugin very useful as it serves better and fulfills its aim and offers various form options so you can avoid installing any other plugin and settle with a single plugin for all your question-answer needs.

#5 Customizations and Sharing

Survey Plugins like Quiz and Survey Master offer many customization options allowing you to mold the survey according to your needs.

You can add a Hint, a timer, a progress bar, add social sharing buttons to Facebook and Twitter, limit how many times a user can give a quiz, limit the number of total participants, display answers inline, automatically email users with their collected response, share a certificate of participation, display the highest scorer in the form of a leaderboard and more.

#6 Addons

You can extend the functionality of the Base Survey Plugin by adding various add-ons that act as an individual feature that is implemented once the addon is installed and works closely with the main survey plugin.

Quiz and Survey Master has 30+ Addons some of them are free and some are premium that can be installed as per your requirement. Some of the popular add-ons are

#7 Support

Survey Plugins do offer customer support if you end up with a broken survey/quiz. Plugins downloaded from offer free customer support and have a well-maintained support page where you can check the resolved issues of previous users by following the said instructions.

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Also, you can go through the plugin’s documentation for quick reference and fix the issue yourself.

You also receive regular product updates meaning fewer compatibility issues and fewer bugs meaning maximum productivity.

Quiz And Survey Master – Best Quiz, Exam and Survey Plugin for WordPress

7 Benefits of WordPress Survey Plugin on Modern Business Sites

We would highly recommend installing the Quiz and Survey Master Plugin for free from WordPress. Quiz and Survey Master has over 40000+ Active Installations and boasts the maximum 5-star user rating.

The plugin is easy to use and has all the benefits discussed in the above 7 points. But this is not the only reason to install the plugin, some of the main reasons for the Quiz and Survey Master Plugin’s popularity are:

  • Guaranteed Frequent Product updates with bug fixes View this Changelog
  • 15+ Types of Questions for Asking Clear Questions
  • Customizing the Results and Emails Text with Pre-defined shortcodes
  • Emails are sent automatically to the admin and responder after a successful Quiz/Survey Completion
  • The Quiz/Survey can be embedded on Pages and posts of your website or used as a widget
  • Assign a Category to each question
  • Add a Countdown Timer to the Tests/Quizzes

Learn more about the Quiz and Survey Master Plugin

Final Thoughts

These were the 7 Benefits of WordPress Survey Plugin on Modern Business Sites. Quizzes and Surveys are a trusted way of engaging visitors and collecting crucial data for giving future updates and services.

Surveys are here to stay and so is the Quiz and Survey Master Plugin!

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