Unlock New Revenue Streams with Quizzes: QSM WooCommerce Integration

The Quiz and Survey Master plugin is always improving itself to give you the best quiz-making experience. This month, QSM released a brand-new Addon that is the WooCommerce Integration Addon.

As you must be guessing by now, this WooCommerce Integration Addon allows you to sell and monetize quizzes, individually or as bundles, and increase the revenue generated using your quizzes. Just like other QSM Addons, WooCommerce Addon also enhances your quiz-making experience, quiz functioning, and usability of the QSM quizzes and surveys.

What is the WooCommerce Integration Addon?

Are you ready to revamp your QSM quizzes and surveys with the WooCommerce store? Yes, you heard that right! QSM Addons’ all-new WooCommerce Integration Addon is here to change the way you connect your products with quizzes and surveys. You can now turn your QSM quizzes into premium products, allowing you to engage your customers in novel ways.

The WooCommerce Integration Addon by QSM allows you to sell your quizzes and provide product recommendations to your respondents on the basis of their quiz results. This Integration Addon gives a golden opportunity to the quiz creators and enthusiasts to showcase their talent. It also allows you to monetize your talent and skill in quiz creation.

What is the WooCommerce Integration Addon?
What is the WooCommerce Integration Addon?

Don’t pass up this amazing chance to improve the capabilities and profitability of your WooCommerce store along with QSM quizzes. The QSM Addons WooCommerce Integration is your passport to presenting distinctive and engaging products while increasing sales through clever upselling.

What are the Key Features of WooCommerce Integration Addon?

WooCommerce Integration Addon comes with incredible features that will add the ‘extra’ to your ordinary quizzes and surveys:

Selling QSM Quizzes

As a WooCommerce store owner, you realize the importance of providing your customers with a varied and compelling product selection. You may easily incorporate your quizzes into your product catalog with the QSM Addons WooCommerce Integration. The options are unlimited, whether you wish to sell individual quizzes or develop tempting quiz bundles.

Quiz Bundles for Extra Value

Why limit yourself to individual quizzes when you can provide whole learning packages? You can use the WooCommerce Integration Addon to combine numerous quizzes into a single offering. Provide curated quiz collections to your clients that provide outstanding value while improving your revenue.

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Upsell and Excel with QSM

The potential of the QSM Addons WooCommerce Integration to strengthen your upselling strategies is one of its distinguishing characteristics. Following a quiz or survey, the extension intelligently offers related WooCommerce products based on the results. This means you may display your audience complementary products, accessories, or upgrades at just the perfect time, improving your chances of increasing sales.

What are the Key Features of WooCommerce Integration Addon?
What are the Key Features of WooCommerce Integration Addon?

Monetize Your Skills

Your expertise is valuable, and you can now turn it into a source of income. The QSM Addons WooCommerce Integration enables you to easily sell paid quizzes. Share your knowledge and thoughts with your audience while making money—it’s a win-win situation for both you and your consumers.

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Smart Product Recommendations

Consider providing your customers with personalized product recommendations that are tailored to their specific interests and needs. You can make this a reality with the QSM Addons WooCommerce Integration.

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How Does WooCommerce-QSM Integration Addon Help You?

The new QSM Addon improves different aspects of the commercialization of quizzes and surveys. Some of the most eligible advantages with the WooCommerce QSM Addon are:

#1 Product Configuration Made Simple

Configuring quizzes as products is a breeze with the QSM Addons WooCommerce Integration. You have complete control over how your quizzes are displayed and priced. Make them as appealing as any other product in your store in order to increase sales and engagement.

#2 Quizzes and WooCommerce Products Connect Seamlessly

Put an end to the hassles of integrating paid quizzes into your WooCommerce store. Our plugin streamlines the process, allowing you to manage quiz-product associations directly from your product editor. You can connect your QSM quizzes and WooCommerce products with only a few clicks.

How Does WooCommerce-QSM Integration Addon Help You?
How Does WooCommerce-QSM Integration Addon Help You?

#3 Increased Conversion Rates

When it comes to increasing conversion rates, precision is essential. With the QSM Addons WooCommerce Integration, you can reach out to users who fit specified criteria with precisely tailored product recommendations. Offering products that appeal to specific preferences increases your chances of making a sale and increasing your revenue.

#4 Payment Process Improvements

By utilizing your existing WooCommerce payment methods, you can provide your consumers with a seamless payment experience. You may rest assured that your content will be secure until payment is received, ensuring that you are adequately compensated for your essential efforts.

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#5 Strategic Marketing

With the QSM Addons WooCommerce Integration, you can increase your cross-selling prospects. Display “Related Products” to your target audience and make use of parameters established in QSM emails and results pages. Create a strategic strategy to increase conversions by tailoring product recommendations to specific consumers.

How to Use the WooCommerce Integration Addon?

To use the QSM plugin for creating engaging quizzes and surveys, you can easily download the plugin from the Plugins Menu on your WordPress Website. QSM is a free-to-use plugin therefore you can create wonderful quizzes for free! Here is the step-by-step guide for using the WooCommerce Integration Addon:

Step 1: Installing the WooCommerce integration Addon

You will be able to get the WooCommerce extension after successfully purchasing it. Simply upload the addon as a regular WordPress plugin to get started.

Go to the Plugins page and select Add New. Then, press the Upload button. Then, submit the zip file you downloaded when you downloaded the addon. After you’ve uploaded the addon, you should see the plugin QSM WooCommerce Integration in your list of plugins. Activate the plugin.

Step 2: Connecting Quizzes/Surveys As WooCommerce Products

To connect products with quizzes, navigate to the Product Edit page in WooCommerce and locate the “QSM Quiz” tab. Goto Products > Edit Product > Product Data > QSM Quiz.

How to Use the WooCommerce Integration Addon?
How to Use the WooCommerce Integration Addon?

Once inside, select the Product Type you would like to add to the quiz. Next, Select the Quizzes, you can add multiple pre-built quizzes to your products. Based on your need, you can sell a single quiz with the product or sell multiple quizzes as a bundle. Just click on the “Select Quizzes” dropdown and select all the quizzes you would want to associate with the product.

This way you can create a Quiz Bundle as a WooCommerce Product.

Step 3: Product Recommendations

The WooCommerce Addon also lets you market your products within your quizzes as “Related Products” based on the quiz/survey results. Emails and results pages are examples of this. This addon displays your favorite products at the end of the quiz results, along with a product image and an Add to Cart button for a simple upsell.

To enable this option, navigate to the quiz’s Results Page and select the products to display. You will find the “Select Related Product” option at the bottom of the Results Template; click on the drop-down and select the items you want to display, then save the modifications.

To give the best product recommendations and increase the conversion rate, make sure to choose a “When…” condition which would funnel out the results and recommend the product strictly on the basis of results!

How to Use the WooCommerce Integration Addon?
How to Use the WooCommerce Integration Addon?

Step 4: WooCommerce Settings

The Addons allow your full customization option of your Quiz Marketplace. When you hover over the WooCommerce Integration Addon Settings, you will be able to set the number of Related product recommendations. You can change the number and title of the related products as per the requirement of the quiz and the results.

How to Use the WooCommerce Integration Addon?


How can I make money with quizzes?

You can sell your QSM Quizzes using the WooCommerce Integration Addon and earn money with quizzes. Make use of the QSM Payment Integration Addon to receive payments through your WooCommerce orders.

How can I sell more products with quizzes?

You can sell quizzes as products using the WooCommerce Integration Addon. For different quiz results, you can recommend various products that suit the result criteria. In this way, you can also upsell your quiz bundles as a product!

How can I sell multiple quizzes at once?

To sell multiple quizzes at once you can create Quiz Product Bundles. This feature is available in the WooCommerce Integration Addon. It allows you to add multiple quizzes at once in a bundle. For example you have various mathematics tests, you can sell them together as a Maths Bundle.

Final Thoughts

This is just the beginning of revolutionizing the Quiz and Survey industry by giving a chance to commercialize quizzes. There were many initiations that allowed us to sell or purchase themes, templates, and pre-worked quizzes. However, with the WooCommerce Integration in your QSM Addon, you can sell your QSM quizzes and surveys!

Such an opportunity will boost your revenue and create an additional chance of increasing engagement. WooCommerce Integration Addon allows you to sell quizzes, surveys, or bundles of quizzes which can be helpful for you if you are a creator, educator, employer, or even a developer.

This WooCommerce Integration Addon is the best way to improve your market presence as a quiz creator! So what are you waiting for? Sell and share your perfect quizzes or bundles with the world and enhance your conversion rate and user engagement!

Final Thoughts

Even in a world that appears to be dominated by social media, email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing strategies available to brands. Get creative with your email collection strategies and discover new ways to engage customers in your shopping experience. You will be rewarded for your marketing efforts with higher returns and a more loyal customer base.

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