Quiz Master Next Rebranding!

We have just released an update to Quiz Master Next which has several bug fixes. However, a bigger thing changed in this update than just the bug fixes. We have decided to rebrand our plugin as Quiz And Survey Master.

Many users use this plugin for surveys instead of quizzes. As we have added features and capabilities for surveys, we realized that people looking for just a survey plugin may not think to use a quiz plugin. After discussing ideas with many of our users, we have decided to rebrand our current plugin under a new name, Quiz And Survey Master.

With this new name, we hope to help users realize the power and capabilities our plugin has that is beyond just a simple quiz plugin. Thank you for supporting our plugin!

4 thoughts on “Quiz Master Next Rebranding!”

    1. Thanks Michael! Our recent poll we put out in July suggested almost half the users of this plugin were using it for surveys. So, I thought it was probably a good time to add survey into the title.

  1. Hi, I have just started to use this plugin. I have a few suggestions.
    First i use this plugin for quiz and mcqs. A lot of government jobs conducts mcqs test,. so for its preparation i have made a site and now uploading questions on it and users(students+jobseekers) will take these quizzes and prepare for the job papers. Now what i need is that i just can’t update all the questions by myself and by one by one.

    There has to be a user role for adding questions in the Quiz becoz i don’t want to do all that by myself and need anyone who has the new questions to add the question. all i want is to approve the questions posted by someone else.

    second, there has to be a way to upload question in bulk rather then one by one. Thanks in advance

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