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How to promote an online course with a quiz? 5 steps

In case you heard that if you promote an online course with a quiz, you can sky-rocket your traffic, then my friends, you have heard it right.

To promote an online course with a quiz, you need just two things, one is, of course, your online course which you want to market, and the second is some smart work.

Making an online course can be very hectic. More than that, it is not always a surety that the efforts that you are putting into your online course would reap you the same fruit. However, you continue to do your thing and so we are here to help you out, with our WordPress quiz plugin.

In a nutshell, we will learn how can you promote an online course with a quiz using our WordPress plugin, QSM also known as Quiz and Survey Master.

Before beginning, you must be aware of the fact that a quiz is only as good as it is being used. So you have to put in efforts to make an interactive quiz. Even so, this task will be easier now, as you have the amazing WordPress quiz plugin, QSM.

Why promote an online course with a quiz?

Promote an online course with a quiz using the QSM plugin. QSM plugin is an amazing quiz plugin and you will make your quiz in absolutely no time. Without thinking about how would you put your quiz through and together, you can do it easily with just a few steps which we talk about below.

How to promote an online course with a quiz- Why
How to promote an online course with a quiz- Why

But the question still sits as we can even generate traffic to an online course through advertisements and social media marketing but why choose to promote an online course with a quiz?

The answer is quite simple. It gives YOU an upper hand. It might seem like a lot of work in the beginning but eventually, you get an upper hand as you will be able to deduce what is a person’s caliber, how far is he/she serious for the course, how would your course befit that person, and so on.

So it is an initial foundation to promote the online courses and therefore be able to achieve organically driven sales.

Steps to promote an online course with a quiz

After knowing as to why you should promote your online course with a quiz, you must want to know how to do it, right? Well, the wait ends here and we have listed for you, steps to promote online course:

Step 1: Blueprint of the Quiz

First things first, you have created the course, so you must also be prepared that your course has to be reflected onto the quiz. So, if you can devise a theme that not only reflects the essence of your course but is also interactive and fun, you win half of it already. Yes, it is true, planning a quiz takes up most of the time and one must be able to make the most of it.

How to promote an online course with a quiz- First Step
How to promote an online course with a quiz- First Step

To devise a plan for your quiz, you should:

  1. Learn about your course
  2. Learn about your target audience
  3. Get into the shoes of an average quiz taker
  4. Derive questions based on your course
  5. Put the questions in a hierarchal manner
  6. Make a draft of the quiz and run through it by yourself
  7. Finalize the questions for the quiz

The above steps are an approach so as to how can you begin with your quiz. It is completely your choice how you want to take things. Be sure that your quiz justifies your online course.

Step 2: Installing and activation of Quiz and Survey Master plugin

After you are set to go with your quiz questions, you now have to install the WordPress plugin QSM. To do so you can either search for it in your plugins’ dashboard or directly download it from our website.

Click on the ‘add new‘ option and search for the QSM plugin.

How to promote an online course with a quiz- Installing the QSM plugin
How to promote an online course with a quiz- Installing the QSM plugin

Then you have to activate the plugin by clicking on the activate button.

How to promote an online course with a quiz- Activating the QSM plugin
How to promote an online course with a quiz- Activating the QSM plugin

If you are unable to find our plugin on, download it directly with just one click.

Step 3: Creating an interactive quiz

You know what is to be done next. This is the step where the molding of your quiz takes place and you can create an interactive place for the users. You have to enter your quiz name, choice, and types of questions you want in your quiz.

How to promote an online course with a quiz- Configuring the QSM plugin

To promote an online course with a quiz on WordPress has to have some pre-requisites:

  1. The quiz should be in alignment with your course at every point
  2. The quiz should be short and to the point
  3. It should be a subtle marketing
  4. It should have interactive results and a landing page

The above pre-requisites are something one should always keep in mind so as to make the best of the quiz. The QSM plugin will come in handy when making the results page as it gives an opportunity to add links to your socials, creates a subscription interface, and many more.

Other than that, you could link out some resources which can lead the user to your personal page, and eventually, your course specifications should also be visible to the user.

You can also give an option of certification through the QSM plugin. After the quiz completes you can ask the user to sign up to receive results. This is how you can get more and more people to sign up for your email list, without even them realizing.

Configuring your quiz can be a tough task at times. You can keep these things in mind while preparing your quiz:

Put yourself in the shoes of the user.

If you were to buy your own online course, what would you expect from a quiz that sells it? This is one way to understand how can you go about your quiz questions.

Make a list of all the necessary details.

If your user comes looking for your online course, he/she must be able to reciprocate to the contents on the results page or your lead website. So make sure to put specifications of the online course in the most accessible possible for the users.

Step 4: Publishing the quiz

Once you are done with setting up your quiz, quiz questions, and results page, you now have to publish your quiz. You can publish the quiz on your WordPress website and it can get organic traffic. However, if you want to do something more with your quiz and make it go viral, you have to market it all throughout the web.

You can do so by taking your quiz to LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter, and so on. People tend to follow some hashtags if they are looking out for something. You have to put the link that co-ord with your course name and its main points.

Final Thoughts

You can promote an online course with a quiz using the above steps. However, there has to be a keen implementation of marketing strategies and creating a lead funnel that converts. You can learn how to market your product using quizzes and gain more insights into how it is done.

Moreover, learning to work with the QSM plugin is far more fun and easier as compared to other modern-day WordPress quiz plugins. Let us know how you feel about this article and how did it help you in the comments. Happy learning!

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