Leaderboards Feature is Being Moved

Last year, I wrote a post about Quiz And Survey Master’s certificate feature being moved to its own addon. As I have continued to evaluate each of the core plugin’s features, I have identified another feature that is built into core that a very small percentage of users are using.

The leaderboards are a nice way to display the users with the highest score from a certain quiz. However, less than 10% of users use that feature on their site. For the overwhelming majority of users, there is unneeded code and files being included on their site that they do not need.

So, like the certificate feature, I have decided to move the leaderboards feature to a new free addon, Leaderboards Addon.  This addon will work in exactly the same way as the feature currently does in the core version and will always be free.

To make this transition as easy as possible for our users, this addon will handle all the changes and settings for you. You simply have to activate the addon and it will import all settings and automatically begin working in place of the current leaderboards feature that will be removed. Existing users will not have to make any changes or adjust any settings and their leaderboards will work exactly the same as it does now.

The only exception is the widget. If you are using the leaderboards widget, you will have to replace it with the new leaderboards addon version of the widget.

The leaderboards feature will be removed in version 6.0 which is scheduled for release in March 2018 which gives most users around 10 months to install the new addon.

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