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100+ MCQs on Independence Day Quiz Students will Love

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With Independence day just around the corner, you must be searching for a good Independence Day Quiz that your students would enjoy, isn’t it? Well, you should be nowhere else but here! In this blog, we would look into some amazing Independence Day MCQs for students and Independence Day Quiz.

Before we dive into the article, take an independence day quiz and find out how much of a patriot are you!

Independence Day Quiz Questionnaire

Today we will look into some of the most loved and common Independence Day MCQs (with answers) that would make your Independence Day quizzes even more fun! Let’s see some of the questions with answers:

Independence Day Quiz MCQs (Beginner)

Independence Day Quiz MCQs
Independence Day Quiz MCQs

Question: When did India get independence?
Answer: 1947

Question: What is the theme for Independence Day 2021 Celebrations?
Answer: Nation First, Always First

Question: The Official Independence Day Celebration takes place at ________
Answer: Red Fort, Delhi

Question: From what city did the East India Company begin trading with India?
Answer: Surat (Gujarat)

Question: “Self-Rule is my birthright and I shall have it,” who coined that phrase?
Answer: Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Question: When did Mahatama Gandhi issue the challenge “Do or Die”?
Answer: During Quit India Movement (in speech, 1942)

Question: Which region of India saw the Moplah Rebellion?
Answer: Malabar region (Kerala)

Question: When did the slaughter at Jallianwala Bagh take place?
Answer: 1919

Question: Who among the following stated, “Tum mujhe khoon do, mein tumhe azadi doonga“?
Answer: Subash Chandra Bose

Question: What was the name of the mission that the British government despatched to India during World War II to enlist their assistance?
Answer: Simon Mission

Question:Which incident makes the Chapekar Brothers famous in the Indian freedom struggle?
Answer: Assassination of Rand

Question: What city is the first fort the East India Company (EIC) constructed located in?
Answer: Fort St. George, Chennai

Question: What was the title of the magazine M.K. Gandhi published?
Answer: Young India

Question: Which of the following revolutionaries died in the Lahore jail as a result of a hunger strike?
Answer: Jatin Das

Question: Who was the Indian National Congress’s (INC) founder?
Answer: Octavian Allan Humer

Question: Who wrote the nationalistic poetry “Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna”?
Answer: Ram Prasad Bismil

Question: Which of the following members of the independence movement was given the death penalty for his part in the Kakori Train Robbery?
Answer: Ashfaqullah Khan with Ram Prasad Bismil

Question: Which city was the origin of the 1857 uprising?
Answer: Merrut (UP)

Question: Which of the following Pakistani nationals has received the Bharat Ratna award?
Answer: Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

Independence Day Quiz MCQs (Intermediate)

Independence Day Quiz MCQs
Independence Day Quiz MCQs

Question: Who served as the East India Company’s first representative to the court of Mughal Emperor Jahangir?
Answer: Captain Willian Hawkins

Question: What was the total number of provinces in British India at the time of independence?
Answer: 17

Question: Who was the mastermind behind viceroy Charles Hardinge’s assassination attempt?
Answer: Rashbehari Bose

Question: The “Iron Man of India” is one of the following leaders, right?
Answer: Vallabhai Patel

Question: Who became India’s first governor general following its independence?
Answer: Lord Mountbatten

Question: Vasco da Gama first discovered a sea route to India when?
Answer: 1498

Question: What took place during the incident at Chauri Chaura?
Answer: Boycott and strike by farmers, mill workers

Question: Who was in charge of Goa before India annexed it?
Answer: Portuguese

Question: Which significant conflict did the British East India Company engage in first?
Answer: Battle of Plassey

Question: Who was British India’s first viceroy?
Answer: Charles Canning

Question: Who was the “Ghadar Party’s” first president?
Answer: Sohan Singh Bhakna

Question: One British officer was killed in Britain by which of the following Indian freedom fighters?
Answer: Udham Singh

Question: What do the three colors on a country’s flag stand for?
Answer: Sacrifice (Orange), Peace (White), Prosperity (Green)

Question: Lala Lajpat Rai started which of the following financial institution(s) or banks?
Answer: Punjab National Bank

Question: What Indian rebel was the first to kill a British officer in England?
Answer: Madan all Dhingra

Question: Who developed the “Drain of Wealth” theory?
Answer: Dadabhai Naraoji

Question: Which port did the Komagata Maru ship dock at on its way back to India?
Answer: Budge Budge Ghat, Calcutta

Question: What revolutionary group attacked Delhi’s Central Legislative Assembly with bombs?
Answer: Bhagat Singh and Batukeshwar Dutt

Question: Who was the Banaras Hindu University’s (BHU) founder?
Answer: Madan Mohan Malaviya

Question: The renowned book “India Wins Freedom” was written by who?
Answer: Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

Question: Who raised the national flag on August 15, 1947, at the Red Fort Independence Day celebration?
Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru

Question: Which of the following terms best describes the 1907 division of Congress into two groups?
Answer: Surat Split

Question: Saare Jahan Se Achha was written by who?
Answer: Muhammad Iqbal

Question: Who raised the flag during the national Republic Day ceremony in New Delhi this year (2022)?
Answer: Ramnath Kovind

Independence Day Quiz MCQs (Advance)

Independence Day Quiz MCQs
Independence Day Quiz MCQs

Question: What was the first round table conference’s year of operation?
Answer: 1930

Question: Which of the following songs serves as India’s national anthem?
Answer: Jana Gana Mana

Question: Kartar Singh Sarabha was put to death when?
Answer: 16 November 1915

Question: Where is the National Martyrs Memorial located in Punjab?
Answer: Hussainiwala village, near Firozpur city

Question: When was the Indian Independence Act of 1947 approved by the monarch?
Answer: 18 July 1947

Question: Which statute created the separate legislative assembly in each province of British India?
Answer: Government of India Act 1935

Question: When was the Purna Swaraj declaration made public?
Answer: 26 January 1930

Question: When did the Indian Constitution go into effect?
Answer: 26 January 1950

Question: What city in India is dubbed the “City of Prime Ministers”?
Answer: Allahabad(Prayagraj)

Question: Who is credited with being the Indian Constitution’s primary architect?
Answer: Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar

Question: Who raises the flag during a national event on Independence Day?
Answer: Prime Minister

Question: Who was India’s most recent viceroy?
Answer: Lord Mountbatten

Question: What was the total population of the nation at the time of the first census following independence?
Answer: 36 Crores

Question: When did the Muslim League approve the Pakistan Resolution?
Answer: 24 March 1940

Question: Which statute or part was frequently applied against newspapers during the British Raj?
Answer: Section 124A of IPC

Question: Which city was the birthplace of renowned liberation warrior Shaheed Sukhdev?
Answer: Ludhiana city, Punjab

Question: Who was behind the creation of the INA?
Answer: Captain Mohan Singh

Question: Who played the most significant role in Pakistan’s founding?
Answer: Mohammad Ali Jinnah

Question: By whom was Aligarh Muslim University founded?
Answer: Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

Question: When did the Quit India Movement begin?
Answer: 8 August 1942

Question: What year did New Delhi become the nation’s capital?
Answer: 13 February 1931

Question: Who was the country’s first Indian governor-general?
Answer: Chakravarti Rajagopalachari

Question: Which Mughal ruler granted the East India Company permission to erect factories and commercial posts in Surat?
Answer: Jahangir

Question: Which European nation established trade with India first?
Answer: Portugal

Question: Which social reformer is renowned for his work to end Sati?
Answer: Raja Rammohan Roy

Independence Day Quiz MCQs (Pro)

Independence Day Quiz MCQs
Independence Day Quiz MCQs

Question: Which Indian freedom fighter wrote, “Why Am I An Atheist”?
Answer: Bhagat Singh

Question: Shaheed Bhagat Singh was born when?
Answer: 28 September 1907

Question: What number of states and union territories (UTs) was established in accordance with the States Reorganization Act of 1956?
Answer: 14 states and 5 union territories

When and who lay New Delhi’s cornerstone?
Answer: King George V, 1911

Question: Who was New Delhi’s primary architect?
Answer: Sir Edward Lutyens

Question: Who created our country’s flag?
Answer: Pingali Venkayya

Question: What person or thing is commemorated by the “India Gate”?
Answer: Soldiers killed during World War 1

Question: Nishan-e-Pakistan was bestowed upon which Indian national?
Answer: Morarji Desai

Question: What is the Indian Army’s motto?
Answer: Service Before Self

Question: What INC session was the first to feature the song “Vande Mataram”?
Answer: 1896 session of INC

Question:In “Lal Bal Pal,” who was Lal?
Answer: Lala Lajpat Rai

Question: Which line is the name of the international boundary between Pakistan and India that runs through Punjab?
Answer: Radcliffe Line

Question: When and by whom was Mahatma Gandhi murdered?
Answer: Nathuram Godse, 30 January 1948

Question: In British India’s history, what day is referred to as Direct Action Day?
Answer: 16 August 1946

Question: Which event was the “Gateway of India” erected to honor?
Answer: Landing of King George V in India

Question: Which amendment inserted the phrase “socialist secular” into the Preamble of the Constitution?
Answer: 42nd Amendment

Question: Who wrote the renowned book “The Discovery of India”?
Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru

Question: Who was India’s final Mughal emperor?
Answer: Bahadur Shah Zafar

Question: The center of the national flag is a blue wheel. What does it stand for?
Answer: Wheel of Law

Question: Where is the flag ceremony held on Republic Day?
Answer: Rajpath

Question: When did the “first fight of independence” take place?
Answer: 1857

Question: Who was India’s first president?
Answer: Rajendra Prasad

Question: When did the first president of India take office?
Answer: 26 January 1950

Question: Who served as the East India Company’s first representative to the court of Mughal Emperor Jahangir?
Answer: Captain William Hawkins

Question: Who became India’s first governor general following its independence?
Answer: Lord Mountbatten

Question: Which of the following revolutionaries died in the Lahore jail as a result of a hunger strike?
Answer: Jatindra Nath Das


Why choose 15 August is Independence Day?

Mountbatten chose the 15th of August because it fell on the second anniversary of Japan’s World War II surrender. The date I chose came out of the blue, according to Mountbatten’s own testimony, which is included in the book Freedom at Midnight.

Is it India’s 75th or 76th Independence Day?

India celebrates its 76th independence day in the year 2022!

What is the theme of Indian Independence day 2022?

The theme for the government of India’s Independence Day 2022 celebrations is “Nation First, Always First,” and a number of events will be held on August 15, 2022.


Through this article, we learned about some Independence Day Quiz MCQ-type questions, which are distributed at various levels. Any independence day quiz is incomplete without having the students express their patriotism toward their country.

Independence Day quizzes are just a way to get the children aware of how persistent effort to bring peace to their country can make a difference and how the children themselves could make a difference.

When you create an Independence Day Quiz using the QSM plugin, you have a multitude of options even in the MCQs quiz. Read more on how to make Independence Day Quiz in the form of an MCQ quiz type.

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