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Adding and Editing Pages and Questions (Questions Tab)

The QSM Questions Tab allows you to create and modify the different questions & question pages of your quiz or survey. By default when you click on Create New Quiz/Survey button in the dashboard you are presented with a Questions page where you can add questions and list down their answers and other details.

With QSM you can have as many pages in your quiz or survey as you need. If you want all questions to be on the same page, then you can create just one page and add all the questions on a Single Page.

1. Questions

The first blank field is the Question Title Field For QSM here you enter the Question’s Title and by clicking on the Edit Description, you can provide an additional description to each question and elaborate as per your need.

You can insert code snippets to display HTML, CSS, Js code strings by using code tags in question description. Using the code snippets makes sure the system doesn’t executes the code and it won’t interefere with the wesbsite’s code. See the below example:

code snippet - QSM Text Editor

With the WordPress Visual editor, you can add media items like images, audio, video, documents, spreadsheets, etc. from your Media Library you also get various formatting options to customize the Question. You also can add your question in HTML format by clicking on the Text tab on the editor.

2. Answers

Answers are the options/response selected by the user. You can allot some points to each answer and can have multiple answers. Also, Do note that Answers are totally dependent on the Question Type you choose.

If you’ve selected Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, Drop Down, Horizontal Multiple Response, or Horizontal Multiple Choice as the Question Type then you will be presented with answers in the form of options.

3. Publish Section

Question Type

In the Question Type Dropdown list you are presented with up to 15 Question Types the first being Vertical Multiple Choice, File Upload, Date, Horizontal Multiple Choice, Drop Down, Short Answer, Multiple Response, Paragraph, Text/HTML Section, Number, Opt-in, Captcha, Horizontal Multiple Response, Fill in the Blank and Polar(Slider).

Depending on what Question Type you choose you will be presented with unique configuration options and varying advanced options.

NOTE: Recently we have renamed the following Question Types for clear understanding, though the function remains the same only the name has changed.

Old Question Type NameNew Question Type Name
Multiple Choice Vertical Multiple Choice
Small Open AnswerShort Answer
Large Open AnswerParagraph
Accept Question TypeOpt-in

Answer Type

In the Answer Type drop-down, you are presented with two text format options for formatting answers and one option for adding image answers.

The first is Text Answers i.e allowing only plain text that contains no formatting, only line breaks, and spacing. Therefore no text formatting (such as font sizes and colors, bolding, or italics) can be used.

Second is the Rich Answers where you can use the styled text that allows for the addition of formattings, such as font sizes and colors, bolding, italics, etc…

The third is the Image Answers where you can add answers in the form of images from WordPress Media. You can add any number of images as answers and set individual text captions for Easy Identification.

After you’ve made the changes don’t forget to hit the Save Question button to save the changes.

4. Category

In Quiz and Survey Master Plugin, you can categorize each question you’ve made. For example, you are making a quiz containing questions about General Knowledge, so you can create a Category named General Knowledge and the Question will be added to that category.

Likewise, you can add multiple questions to the same category or a single question to numerous categories. So, whenever you want to import/reuse a question in another quiz, it will be easier to find questions with that category and use them whenever needed.

Learn more about Creating Multiple Categories in QSM

5. Featured Image

Shows a featured image on a particular question. The selected image will be displayed above the question’s title text or based on the theme that you’ve applied.

6. Correct Answer Info

Correct answer info is the Information that can be shared with the user at the end of the Quiz as a detailed explanation of the correct answer. It is displayed with the correct answer on the results page.

7. Set Custom Image Size

Allows you to set a custom size in pixels to all the images in a particular question. You need to provide the Width & Height in pixels in order to make this function work. This feature will be available on QSM v8.0.3 and higher.

Note: The option will only work for Answer Type – Image Answers

8. Comment Box

It consists of Three Options Small Text Field, Large Text Field, and None.


By default, none is selected as the comment field option. Selecting None in the comment field doesn’t display any comment field.

Small Text Field

In Small Text Field, the user is presented with a Small Text Field for the user to enter comments. For Example, they can share their experiences while attempting the quiz with the examiner.

Large Text Field

Similarly, with a Large Text Field, the user is presented with a Text Field which is bigger in size than the Small Text Field for the user to enter comments in a more descriptive way. For Example, they can share their experiences while attempting the quiz with the examiner and also can suggest making any improvements.

9. Hint

Hints as the name suggest helps to provide a hint to the user attempting the question in the Quiz.

10. Add Question From Question Bank

Adding Question From Question Bank

Click on the “Add Question From Question Bank” button allows you to add questions that already exist from the question bank in your current quiz/survey. These are the questions that you’ve already made use of in the older quizzes and surveys. You can add multiple questions from the question bank by selecting the required questions and by clicking the “Add Questions” button at the bottom of the popup window.

11. Create New Question

Clicking on the “Create New Question” button creates a blank question template for you to add questions and answers to it.

12. Form Actions

Edit – Edit & Setup Individual Questions & their Answers

Clone Question – Duplicate a Question & its answer

Move Question – Move a question within a page or to a different page using this option.

Delete Question – Delete a particular question

13. Edit Page

Quiz-Edit page

It allows you to edit each page name and hide/unhide the “Previous” button.

14. Search Questions

Quickly search and find the questions to edit with the Search Question Field.

Advanced Options

Advanced Option in Quiz and Survey Master Questions Tab offers more options in making the Quiz/Survey.

Every Question type you choose has its set of Advanced Options that help to tweak the Quiz/Survey and use it to its full potential. Here we have discussed all the advanced options of every Question Type in the Questions Tab that you would need in making the Quiz/Survey.

File Upload Limit

File Upload -File Limit

File Upload Limit is the File Size limit that you want the user to upload. The file that the user will upload should be of any size but less than the set limit. Also, the size should be calculated in MB (MegaByte).

For example, You are a Teacher and you want your students to submit a detailed report of their recent field trip to a Dairy Farm and submit their observations in Image, Doc, or Video format. The file upload limit you have set is up to 25 MB.

Allow File Type

Allow File Type are the Types of Files that you want the user to upload. There are six File Types that the user can upload. They are as follows:

Text File

Text Files with .txt extension are useful for storing information in plain text with no special formatting beyond basic fonts and font styles. The file is commonly used for recording notes, directions, and other similar documents that do not need to appear a certain way.

Image File

You can accept all types of images from users in response to the asked questions. Image Files of every extension like .jpg, .png, .gif and so on.

PDF File

PDF stands for “portable document format”. Essentially, the format is used when you need to save files that cannot be modified but still need to be easily shared and printed.

Doc File

DOC or doc (an abbreviation of “document”) is a filename extension for word processing documents, most commonly in the proprietary Microsoft Word Binary File Format.

Excel File

You can also accept excel file i.e (XLS and XLSX) files. XLSX and XLS files are Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets commonly used to store financial data and to create mathematical models.

Video File

Various video file formats are accepted in response to the asked question. User can upload videos in formats like .mp4, .mkv, .avi and many more.

Hide Autofill?

Hide Autofill - Limit Text

Activating the Hide Autofill feature will avoid the autofill text from automatically appearing in the Answer field. The option can be seen when the user chooses the Fill in the Blank Question Type.

For Example, If the user is re-taking the quiz and if the Hide Autofill feature is kept OFF, the user taking the quiz will be displayed with the previous answers he had entered in the Answer field.

Meaning, It will not be fair as he will come to know the possible answer of that question. So, it is recommended to keep the Hide Autofill feature ON.

Limit Text

Limit Text is the Maximum Character count the user can enter in the Answer field. The option can be seen when the user chooses the Fill in the Blank Question Type.

For Example, You want the user to enter his/her full name. So in this case you can keep the Limit Text as “50” or “100” as someone’s full name cannot exceed 100 characters.

Limit Multiple Choice

Limit Multiple Choice

Limit Multiple Choice is the Maximum number of Choices/options the user can select. The option can be seen when the user chooses the Multiple Response Question Type.

For Example, There is a question in the Quiz that says to select the 4 right answers from the given 8 options. So, when the Limit Multiple Choice is set to 4 the user can only choose any 4 options and not more than that.

Create New Page

Clicking on the “Create New Page” button that can be found at the very bottom of the question tab creates a new page for you to add questions and answers to it. If you have created multiple question pages in a quiz/survey the users will be shown Next & Previous buttons to transition back and forth between the pages.

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