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100+ Best True and False Questions with Answers

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The long car ride with the fam could get mundane after a few hours, but spicing it up with true and false questions with answers could help you get through!

Let’s admit that all of us love a little trivia to boost our minds and true and false questions are the light version of it. You don’t need to brainstorm like a professional true or false question solver, you might want to sit back and ponder.

In this blog, we will cover a variety of true or false exercise questions, that could be a part of your daily brain exercise along with your breakfast or your drive to work. And here you will get easy true and false questions with answers, so you don’t have to worry if you get stuck anywhere.

What are True and False Questions?

True or false questions are those that can only be answered with “true” or “false”. These types of questions are frequently used in quizzes, tests, and surveys to assess a person’s knowledge or opinions on a specific topic.

A true or false question presents a statement and requires the respondent to indicate whether the statement is true or false based on their knowledge of the subject.

Let’s start with the easy true or false questions for each category the difficulty level increases as you head toward the last questions.

Geography True and False Questions with Answers

Geography True and False Questions with Answers
Geography True and False Questions with Answers
  1. About 36 and 42 islands make up New York City. (True)
  2. Only one capital exists in South Africa. (False)
  3. The largest ocean in the world is the Atlantic Ocean. (False)
  4. The tallest mountain in the world is Mount Everest. (True)
  5. California is home to the “Desert of Death.” (False)
  6. 13,171 miles is how far the Great Wall of China stretches in total. (False)
  7. The Mississippi and the Nile are the two longest rivers in the world. (False)
  8. The 31.5-mile-long Chunnel connects England and France. (True)
  9. The world’s largest island is Greenland. (True)
  10. South America has more nations than Africa has. (False)
  11. Of all the states in the union, Alaska has the most active volcanoes. (True)
  12. The world’s longest coastline is in China. (False)

Personality True or False Questions

These kinds of questions cannot have a definitive answer, therefore, they are also called open-ended true and false questions. Whether a person chooses true or false talks about their personality.

Personality True and False Questions with Answers
Personality True and False Questions with Answers
  1. As opposed to a large gathering, you prefer to hang out with a small group of pals.
  2. Separately is preferable to jointly.
  3. You obsess over every little thing, from your personal to professional to financial.
  4. You have a carefree life and handle situations as they arise.
  5. You enjoy making people laugh.
  6. You don’t mind when other individuals confide in you about their troubles.
  7. Before you speak or ask a question, you give it some thought.
  8. You frequently speak without first thinking.
  9. You’re the kind of person who will seek assistance when necessary.
  10. Your life feels overwhelming, and you’re not sure what adjustments to make.
  11. You use logic to make decisions.

Human Body True and False Questions with Answers

  1. There are 4 lungs in the human body. (False)
  2. The human skin regenerates once in two weeks. (False)
  3. The speed of the average human sneeze can be measured up to 100 miles an hour. (True)
  4. Humans lose an average of 75 strands of hair per week. (False)
  5. The number of bones in an infant is more than that of an average human. (True)
  6. The liver is the largest internal organ in the human body. (True)
  7. The human brain contains the maximum amount of muscle density. (False)
  8. The tongue is the only part of the human body with taste buds. (False)
  9. The human eyes can observe 10 million different colors. (True)
  10. The average human body consists of 60% water. (True)

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Disney True and false Questions with answers

Disney True and False Questions with Answers
Disney True and False Questions with Answers
  1. Tom Cruise inspired Aladdin’s character. (True)
  2. “We Don’t Talk about Bruno”, the song from Encanto is the first to touch #1 on the Billboard Top 100 charts after 29 years. (True)
  3. The song “A Whole New World” from Alladin was #3 on the Billboard Top 100 charts in 1993. (False)
  4. It took 8 weeks to start and finish the production of the 1959 Disney film “Sleeping Beauty” (False)
  5. The Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was the first animated, full-color Walt Disney feature film. (True)
  6. The first movie produced by Pixar was “Toy Story” (True)
  7. Minnie Mouse’s real name is Minerva Mouse. (True)
  8. “Pinocchio” is the shortest Disney film. (False)
  9. “The Aristocrats” was the first film to be produced after Walt Disney’s demise. (True)
  10. In “The Little Mermaid”, Prince Erik and Ariel have a daughter named Princess Song. (False)
  11. “The Lion King” was Disney’s first Broadway musical. (False)

Entertainment True and False Questions with answers

Entertainment True and False Questions with Answers
Entertainment True and False Questions with Answers
  1. The Weekend performed at halftime of Super Bowl LV. (True)
  2. The Golden State Warriors won the 2020 NBA championship. (False)
  3. The first Broadway show ever written about Hamilton was “Hamilton the Musical”. (False)
  4. The movie Moneyball is based on real-life events. (True)
  5. J.K. Rowling authored the famous Harry Potter book series. (True)
  6. The band Nirvana sang F.R.I.E.N.D.S.’s theme song. (False)
  7. Shrek marries Princess Fiona in his titular film series. (True)
  8. Edward Smith was the name of the captain of Titanic. (True)
  9. West Side Story is a musical play based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, that won the 1960s Oscar. (True)
  10. Satyajit Rey is known as the father of Indian Cinema. (False)

Business True and False Questions with Answers

  1. OKR stands for objectives and key results. (True)
  2. LLCs are a combination of characteristics of a partnership and a corporation. (True)
  3. SWOT Analysis is a personality test used to determine and screen job applications. ( False)
  4. No shares of the company can be sold during the IPO lockup period. (False)
  5. The term inflation refers to a general rise in the prices of most products and services. (True)
  6. The purpose of a credit card and a debit card is the same. (False)
  7. Dogecoin is the 2nd largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. (False)
  8. An organization can monitor its competitors’ marketing efforts using tools. (True)
  9. Facebook has been losing users in the past years. (False)
  10. KPI is a short form for Key Performance Indicator. (True)

Animals True and False Questions with answers

Animal True and False Questions with Answers
Animal True and False Questions with Answers
  1. Sharks are categorized as mammals. (False)
  2. Sea otters use a favorite rock to break their food open. (True)
  3. The blue whale is the biggest known animal to have ever existed. (True)
  4. The hummingbird egg is the world’s largest bird egg. (False)
  5. Pigs don’t like being cleaned and hence they roll in the mud. (False)
  6. Bats are blind and use ultrasound to determine their way while flying. (False)
  7. Canines sweat through glands in their paws. (True)
  8. It takes two weeks for a sloth to digest a single meal. (True)
  9. The Goliath frog of West Africa is the largest living frog. (True)
  10. An ant can lift 2000 times its body weight. (False)

Food True and False Questions with answers

  1. In the US, pepperoni is the most widely used pizza topping. (true)
  2. Italy is where cheesecake is from. (False)
  3. On trees, pineapples are borne. (False)
  4. On the space shuttle, a potato was planted as the first crop. (True)
  5. Canadians make Hawaiian pizza. (True)
  6. French fries are a French invention. (False)
  7. The first meal eaten in space was a pizza. (False)
  8. Italy is where the Caesar salad is from. (False)
  9. There are always even numbers of rows on corn ears. (True)
  10. The Rice Krispies mascots go by the names Snap, Crackle, and Pop. (True)
  11. The most costly spice in the world is vanilla. (False)
  12. By the number of locations, McDonald’s has the most eateries in the US. (False)

Sports True and False Questions with answers

Sports True and False Questions with Answers
Sports True and False Questions with Answers
  1. In terms of land area, Polo occupies the most space. (True)
  2. The same amount of dimples appears on each golf ball. (False)
  3. In 1943, helmet use among football players began. (True)
  4. Brazil is the only country to have participated in each World Cup finals match. (True)
  5. The Vince Lombardi trophy was created by renowned jeweler Tiffany & Co. (True)
  6. The NFL has 30 teams. (False)
  7. The biggest marathon in the world is the one in New York. (True)
  8. In bowling, a chicken is three consecutive strikes. (False)
  9. On the moon, an astronaut once played golf. (True)
  10. Italy is the traditional Tour de France final line. (False)
  11. Over 2 billion people are thought to be fans of soccer/football worldwide. (False)

Science True and False Questions with answers

Science True and False Questions with Answers
Science True and False Questions with Answers
  1. In 1893, the moving sidewalk was created. (true)
  2. Two dimensions can be seen in a hologram. (False)
  3. Around 550 million years ago, complex animal life first appeared. (True)
  4. A fuel produced from grass is called mycodiesel. (False)
  5. Compared to a hydrogen atom, a carbon atom is lighter. (False)
  6. In 1960, the World Wide Web was created. (False)
  7. In Hungary, holograms were created. (False)
  8. Density and volume are used to calculate a cube’s mass. (True)
  9. An anthelion is a kind of insect. (False)
  10. A planimeter is used to measure height. (False)


What are true and false questions?

True and false questions are used to assess a statement’s factual quotient. If the statement is correct then it is the answer to the question becomes True and if it is incorrect, then the answer to the question becomes False.

What type of quiz is true or false?

A true or false quiz is one where the user must affirm or refute a truth or assertion. So, there are only two possibilities available: “True” or “False.”

How do you make a quiz True or false?

You can make any quiz like a true and false quiz. You can create true and false questions with answers to those questions. Like if there is a question “Where is Eiffel Tower?” and the answer is France. So you can mold the question as “Eiffel Tower is in France. True or False?”

Final Thoughts

We hope you had fun reading and riddling these mind-churning true and false questions. You can always use it at house parties, during car rides, and even in your online quizzes.

Online quizzes are gaining popularity these days, as it gives the host a completely new way to explore its users. You can create a true and false quiz and have a chance to expand your businesses and blogs using those quizzes. This is only because the potential of quizzes to generate sales has been uncovered and we are all here for it!

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