101+ Best Trivia Questions and Answers – Updated 2023

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There are numerous types of trivia quizzes that can be made and with each of them comes different types of trivia questions. Going through a list of trivia questions and answers with friends is entertaining for several reasons. Part of it is getting to flex your own trivia muscles, as well as seeing what areas of trivia each of your friends specializes in, whether it’s pop culture or history. And part of it has to do with making learning new things and testing your knowledge in a game.

Let us go through some common trivia questions, with answers, category-wise:

  1. General Trivia Questions
  2. Geography Trivia Questions
  3. Entertainment Trivia Questions
  4. Obscure Trivia Questions
  5. Science Trivia Questions
  6. Animal Trivia Questions
  7. Fitness Trivia Questions
  8. Sports Trivia Questions
  9. Funny Trivia Questions

General Trivia Questions

  1. What did Queen Anne Die from?

Learn to create a General Trivia Quiz

Geography Trivia Questions

  1. What is the largest continent on the planet? 

Learn to create a Geography Trivia Quiz

Entertainment Trivia Questions

Entertainment Trivia Questions
  1. What legendary European-produced “Spaghetti Western” starred which American writer/director? 

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Obscure Trivia Questions

  1. What is a dog’s permanent tooth count?

Learn to create an Obscure Trivia Quiz

Science Trivia Questions

Some science trivia questions are:

  1. What type of energy does an unlit match have?

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Animal Trivia Questions

Some animal trivia questions are:

  1. What animal has the longest lifespan?

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Fitness Trivia Questions

Fitness Trivia Questions

Some fitness trivia questions are:

  1. What exactly is tai chi?

Learn to create a Fitness Trivia Quiz

Sports Trivia Questions

Some sports trivia questions are:

  1. Every year on Memorial Day, a sporting event is held. What exactly is it?

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Funny Trivia Questions

  1. What is illegal for a single lady to do in Florida solely on Sundays?

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What is a hard trivia question?

Some hard trivia questions are:
1) Tennis was first presented as an Olympic sport in what year? Show Answer
2) What is the average distance between the moon and the earth in miles? Show Answer
3) What is the name of the anthemic dance in The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the beginning? Show Answer
4) How many times can a hummingbird flap its wings per second? Show Answer
5) In English, what does the Latin word Tempus mean? Show Answer

What are the best general knowledge questions?

1) What did Queen Anne Die from? Show Answer
2) Zurich is the capital of? Show Answer
3) What was the nationality of Marco Polo Show Answer
4) Which is the World’s Largest Ocean? Show Answer
5) What is the hardest rock on earth? Show Answer
6) Which is considered a semi-planet? Show Answer
7) Who was the most beautiful woman in the 50s and 60s? Show Answer
8) What are nails made of? Show Answer

What’s a good history question?

History trivia questions:
1) Ever since World War Two, what beverage equipment is furnished in British battle tanks? Show Answer
2) What health problem bothered Elvis Presley throughout his lifetime which eventually related to his death? Show Answer
3) Which Century did the French Revolution take place? Show Answer
4) Who is the Greek God of the Underworld? Show Answer


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