Send Results To Zapier With Zapier Integration


There are many times that you would like to send the results from your quizzes or surveys to different websites or services. What if you want to create a Trello card everyone time a visitor completes your survey. Or, maybe you want to have a list of the students who have taken your test in Google Drive. Maybe you want to create a new lead in Zoho CRM when someone completes a survey. Using Zapier, our new Zapier Integration addon now allows you to do this and more. Zapier integrates with hundreds of websites, services, and applications. With our new addon, you can send the results from a quiz, test, or survey to Zapier. Some other ideas include:

  • Create new Google Task when someone takes your survey
  • Create new GitHub issue when someone fills out your form
  • Create message in Hip Chat when someone fills out your survey or completes a test
  • Add quiz taker to your mailing list in Campaign Monitor
  • Send yourself a text message when someone fills out your survey

With Zapier integrating with over 300 services, your possibilities are endless! Be sure to checkout out our Zapier Integration addon today!

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