Product Update: May 2019 – 3 New Plugins

We recently release QSM 6.3.0 with many changes, most notable are 2 big changes

UI Overhaul

We are undergoing a much-needed massive UI overhaul. We have couple of goals in for this – good on eyes, ease of use and ease of navigation. Our first change in this direction is completely new Quiz and Survey index table.

New Look for Quizzes/Surveys

Rich Answers

Most demanded feature! You can now create rich answers in your quizzes / surveys and put anything in there (well, limited to what WordPress allows).

3 New Plugins!

We have launched three new plugins which were being demanded by the community.

Save and Resume

Allow users to save or resume a quiz or survey where they left off.

Payment Integration

Enable Paypal or Stripe payments for a quiz or survey.


Implement Google’s reCaptcha to block any bot attacks on your quiz and put a full stop to the spam problem.

Price Drop on Bundle

We have dropped the price on premium bundle to $99 and you can get an additional discount of 10% by using the code MAYDAY2019, this code will expire on 10th May 2019.

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QSM is a free plugin that allows you to create and publish unlimited Quizzes & Surveys with no cap on questions or answers, helping you to take control of your website's interactive elements.

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5 thoughts on “Product Update: May 2019 – 3 New Plugins”

  1. What wonderful updates you have made. The modules look sharp and clean. I love the new embedding features. One feature I did like which I notice is removed is the numbering feature of each quiz. I have hundreds of quizzes on my site and located a quiz for an edit takes a little more time. Whereas once I have the number from the html code it is easier to locate in the list.

  2. Good job, indeed. Now that QSM is grown up, consider providing add-on to upload questions from csv file. Download as well in word or other format. This feature will get QSM to new heights.

  3. Claudiney Gontijo

    Great features, guys!
    I just started using it and found it really great. It would be awesome if a ‘file upload’ option could be added to a quiz and a link to the leaderboard (to the file uploaded) is allowed to be displayed.

    Let me know if you have plans for the future to implement this.

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