9 Strategies to Prevent Cheating in Online Exams Easily

As a strategist, there are many ways to reconcile an issue, but when it comes to online exams, teachers and educators still face ardent challenges to prevent cheating in online exams. Most of the students are determined to “pass” the exam and therefore fall into this cheating trap. There is only little that teachers or educators can do to prevent cheating in online exams or tests.

In this blog, we will look into some fool-proof strategies that can help in preventing cheating during online assessments. We will also discuss how an online test maker can help with such strategies. Using an online test maker or quiz maker for your WordPress website makes it easier to create, conduct and circulate an online examination! One of the best plugins for doing this is the Quiz and Survey Master Plugin. Let us understand different aspects of creating a cheating-proof online examination.

Strategies to Prevent Cheating in Online Exams

Here are some strategies to prevent cheating in online exams:

#1 One Question Per Page

Choosing a test structure that displays one question at a time is an effective method to prevent cheating in online exams. This method prevents pupils from skimming all questions quickly, reducing the temptation to open several tabs for answers or seek outside assistance. This strategy promotes individual thought and aids in the integrity of online assessments. QSM allows you to present a custom number of questions on a page, you can choose to display one question at a time easily!

#2 Change Question Sequence

Changing the order of the test questions is an effective approach to prevent cheating in online exams. Students’ attempts to cooperate through screen-sharing tools and synchronous response sharing are hampered when the test settings are configured to randomize question orders and answer choices. The dynamic arrangement of questions and options necessitates individual comprehension and analysis, reducing reliance on outside aid.

#3 Opt for different Sets

Provide various variants of the same exam. This was mentioned above in terms of using different sets of tests for students in different time zones, but in general, it is recommended to have many different versions of the same test so that students taking the test in the same physical space are less likely to have all of the same questions. This method disturbs the predictability that cheaters take advantage of and makes widespread answer-sharing difficult.

How QSM Helps to Prevent Cheating in Online Exams?
Strategies to Prevent Cheating in Online Exams

#4 Limit Testing Window

Limiting the testing window may be the most efficient strategy to combat cheating during online exams. Create an online testing slot for each course, similar to how on-campus final exams do. Allow all students to begin the exam at the same time and limit the time each student has to complete the exam. Make sure that students who have been accepted for testing accommodations have personalized, extended timing settings.

#5 Prevent Backtracking

Implementing a no-backtracking policy is an effective way to prevent cheating in online exams. By forcing pupils to answer one question at a time and finalize their response before moving on, the ability to deliberately backtrack for answers is reduced. Backtracking is prohibited because it promotes a more real portrayal of a student’s knowledge and discourages reliance on external aids, promoting a fair and unbiased assessment of their understanding during online exams.

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#6 Using Various Question Types

Diverse question types can help to reduce cheating in online exams. Avoiding sole dependence on multiple-choice or true/false questions in favor of open-ended questions can be a powerful deterrent. Cheating through standardized answers becomes more difficult as a result, fostering true comprehension and supporting equitable evaluation of each student’s grasp of the course content during online tests.

Strategies to Prevent Cheating in Online Exams
Strategies to Prevent Cheating in Online Exams

#7 Authenticate Students

You can prevent cheating in online exams by authenticating students’ identities to prevent proxy test-taking. This strategy assures the test-takers identification is real, discouraging attempts to have friends or third parties take the exam on their behalf. The risk of impersonation is reduced by confirming the individual’s biometric profile, such as facial recognition, enhancing the legitimacy of online exams, and protecting the integrity of the assessment process. This strategy can also include tracking the IP address of each student.

#8 Add HOTS Questions

To prevent cheating in online exams, create questions that require higher-order thinking skills (HOTS). Students are driven to demonstrate actual knowledge by focusing on analysis, synthesis, and assessment rather than easily searchable content. This method not only prevents cheating but also encourages critical thinking and true engagement with the course material, resulting in a more authentic assessment process.

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#9 Set a Timer

Using the “Set Timer” option to prevent cheating in online exams is an effective method. Students who have adequately studied and prepared can comfortably pass the test within the allotted time frame by imposing time constraints. Those who rely on external resources such as books and notes, on the other hand, may find themselves running out of time. It forces students to rely on their knowledge rather than seek solutions elsewhere.

How QSM Helps to Prevent Cheating in Online Exams?

There are various features that the QSM plugin provides that can help teachers and educators to prevent cheating in online exams. Let us go through them, one at a time:

Randomize Question

The Quiz and Survey Master plugin has an inbuilt feature that allows you to randomize questions. This enables different questions to appear in a different order every time a quiz a generated for the student. With randomizing, you can prevent students to exchange answers using the question number itself. Therefore, it helps to prevent cheating in online exams.

How QSM Helps to Prevent Cheating in Online Exams?
How QSM Helps to Prevent Cheating in Online Exams?

Timer Option

Enforcing a time restriction for tests is an important approach for discouraging pupils from using solution searches or external help. The time limit should strike a compromise, giving students enough time to complete the exam requirements without feeling pressured. This method encourages test takers to rely on their prior knowledge and critical thinking skills, which promotes fair evaluation. The practice enables a more authentic assessment of a student’s grasp and application of the subject matter by preventing undue reliance on external resources.

How to create a timer-based exam using QSM

Different Question Types

The addition of question types other than multiple-choice to include short responses, essays, and problem-solving questions adds a degree of complexity that discourages cheating. Unlike multiple-choice questions, these forms necessitate a deeper understanding of the subject matter as well as the capacity to synthesize knowledge and solve issues imaginatively. Cheating becomes increasingly difficult because there is no one-size-fits-all answer available on the internet. This method forces students to interact with the topic on a meaningful level, developing critical thinking and a genuine grasp of the material. It not only safeguards the integrity of assessments but also helps to prevent cheating in online exams.

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Monitoring IP Adress

Monitoring IP addresses accessing the assessment is a proactive measure for preventing cheating in online assessments. Using the Google Sheets Connector addon of the QSM plugin you can monitor the IP address of each of the student respondents. This watchful technique detects cases where numerous students attempt the exam from the same IP address, implying conspiracy or illegal collaboration. When institutions recognize this pattern, they can investigate questionable behavior and take appropriate action. Tracking IP addresses increases responsibility and inhibits students from engaging in unethical behavior.

How QSM Helps to Prevent Cheating in Online Exams?
How QSM Helps to Prevent Cheating in Online Exams?


How can I reduce online cheating?

Reduce online cheating using the given strategies:
1) Randomizing question sequence
2) Authorize students
3) Monitor IP Address
4) Use various question types
5) Use a Test timer

How can we avoid cheating?

Cheating is a response to the fear of failure. Teachers and educators should promote healthy testing instead of brain-wrecking examinations. Students should be allowed to communicate about their fears and apprehensions. Tests and exams should be taken up as a way to enhance knowledge instead of judging criteria to avoid cheating.

Is there software to detect cheating on online exams?

Proctoring software may be used to detect cheating on online exams.


In this blog, we evidently covered all the aspects that could lead to cheating in an online exam with their countermeasures. It is important to realize the notion behind cheating and therefore release the extra pressure from students without hampering their mindset toward examinations. To prevent cheating in online exams, one must assure that the students get a free and fair chance to answer and refute.

Quiz and Survey Master plugin is the best choice when considering an online test maker plugin. You can make use of the features of the QSM plugin to enhance the assessment and checking experience. Features like randomized questions may be very helpful to prevent cheating in online exams. Other than that, QSM addons like Logic addon, Google Sheets Connector addon, and Reporting and Analysis addon are great choices to enhance the exam quality as a whole.

If you are looking to get ahold of QSM addons then you cannot miss the specially curated plugin bundles. There are three types of bundles created for your Basic, Pro, and Plus needs. These bundles have more than 10 Addons each and can be billed annually or for a lifetime.

Final Thoughts

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