How to Perform Marketing Operations through QSM – For WordPress Website Owners

Whether you are a newbie in the domain of WordPress or a full-fledged website owner, marketing operations are a must to attract visitors, convert them to customers and retain them for as long as possible. There are millions of websites active on the internet and to ensure that your website remains one step ahead, you need to offer things in a different and lucrative manner. This is where we introduce the concept of QSM Plugin.

QSM Plugin – Survey Your Customers Data

To be the best in the industry, you need to keep an eye on your customers, understand the pain points and revise your business in a way that aligns with user expectations.

What can be better than conducting quizzes and surveys to know your customers and their likes and dislikes? While creating one manually might seem like an overhead, the WP Quiz & WordPress survey plugin seamlessly integrates with your WordPress site, giving you the ease to conduct quizzes in a timely manner.

The plugin is totally customizable rendering website owners the choice to select between the type of quizzes they wish to embed. From radio buttons for multiple choice questions to drop-down feature, open answer, multiple answers, and many others, the QSM plugin entails all.

Features of the QSM plugin

Here are some unmatched features that can help you while performing marketing operations:

  1. Customize: QSM Plugin gives website owners the ease to modify and customize all of the text as per their needs.
  1. Variable Questions: With QSM Plugin, WordPress owners can articulate different kinds of quizzes using the WordPress quiz plugin, ranging from multiple-choice to one-click answer questions.
  1. MailChimp Integration: Marketers can connect their site with QSM and further integrate with MailChimp to pitch emails to the user and to self, after every quiz completion through this WordPress quiz plugin.
  1. Flexibility: QSM plugin is extremely flexible as website managers can effectively design the entire quiz set, selecting questions or grading system as per their needs.
  1. Google Analytics: An excellent feature that helps marketers track conversion rates and site performance is Google Analytics. With this, all of the quizzes are sent to Google Analytics and the data is further used to determine customers’ behavior, highlighting aspects that need to be altered to improve the traffic.
  1. Additional Features: In addition to the above, the WordPress survey plugin, QSM, offers a range of features including social media sharing, scheduling the survey, set trial counts, generate reports and analysis, etc.

Well, this is huge, right?

Wondering how to use QSM Plugin and Improve Your Marketing Operations? It is pretty easy.

Google Analytics:

The Google Analytics feature of the plugins gives marketers the ease to keep an eye on all of the marketing operations where each operation is shared with the analytics tool. Here, the events are analyzed, and the pain points identified.

This helps marketers to draft strategies around the pitfalls and regain consumer trust. As a matter of fact, using Google Analytics with quizzes is the best way to track effectiveness of marketing operations and conversion rates

Email Marketing:

Conducting surveys and quizzes provide an excellent opportunity to gather email addresses of potential customers and then pitch customized emails to lure them to visit your website. No doubt, if done the right way, email marketing operations through WordPress quiz plugins & surveying aids like QSM leads to rising online traffic.

Sounds good?

In case, you have been baffling with your website performance for long, integrating your WordPress website with QSM Plugin would be an ideal choice.

Final Thoughts

Even in a world that appears to be dominated by social media, email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing strategies available to brands. Get creative with your email collection strategies and discover new ways to engage customers in your shopping experience. You will be rewarded for your marketing efforts with higher returns and a more loyal customer base.

Try Quiz and Survey Master

QSM is a free plugin that allows you to create and publish unlimited Quizzes & Surveys with no cap on questions or answers, helping you to take control of your website’s interactive elements.

Try Quiz and Survey Master

QSM is a free plugin that allows you to create and publish unlimited Quizzes and Surveys on your WordPress Website