Creating A New Settings Tab

There will be times when you want to be able to create a new tab in the quiz settings. Luckily, we have a function in the plugin helper class to take care of this for you.

First, we add a function to the ‘plugins_loaded’ hook that will add your new tab. We will call this function ‘add_new_settings_tab’. Inside, we will call the global $mlwQuizMasterNext. Then, we will use the plugin helper function ‘register_quiz_settings_tabs’ to create out tab. This function has two parameters.

$title is the string for the tab and $function is your function to display the contents. From here, you will want to create a function to display the contents. Inside your function, you will need to have a div with the class of “mlw_tab_content” which the plugin helper class uses to create the tab’s content. So, for a complete example, take a look at the code below.